Mumbai ki Locals

Every city has one thing which is the important aspect of that place, the factor that defines the city and is known as lifeline of the city. For example, Delhi is known for its connection with Metro, similarly, Mumbai is known for its Local Trains. 

Bombay or Mumbai as we see today is way beyond different than that was in the British period. Today you can see millions of people have accommodated themselves in different corners of the city, some are born and bought up here while some have migrated to earn a livelihood and live a satisfied life. 

Talking about me I have been travelling by local trains since childhood with my mom and dad even grandma too. I always used to enjoy sitting at the window seat and watching the scenery outside which used to include tall towers, chawls and slum areas of the city.

 I was in love with locals then and I’m in love with locals now, Mumbai ki locals make me happy and give me nostalgia whenever I travel through it. 

Every Mumbaikar prefers to travel by local train rather than getting stuck in the traffic of the city. Mumbai ki locals are just not means of transports, they are second home for various citizens. 

What is Mumbai ki Locals?

Mumbai Locals are passenger train services started by the British in 1853 which connect Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT) in today time then was called as Victoria Terminus (VT) to Thane covering 34 km. Today Mumbai Locals are called the biggest suburban rail network in the world.

You can find two types of local currently running in the city, the one which is a non ac local and is differentiated as slow and fast local trains. The slow train stops at all the designated stations, whereas fast one stops only a few major stations and help us to reach faster to your destination. 

Ac Local trains have been started in few recent years and one can say it as a modern local of Mumbai city, it is lavish, it is luxury and similarly, it is expansive too!

Connectivity of Mumbai ki Locals

Map of Mumbai Suburban Local by M-Indicator

Trans harbour Line

The Trans harbour line is the subordinate of Harbour line of Mumbai Locals that have a connection between Navi Mumbai and Thane and is managed by Central Railway. There are no fast trains that run on this line.

Harbour Line 

This is another branch of Mumbai suburban railway operated by Central Railway. Reason behind the name is that it connects eastern neighbourhood of city along with natural harbours. No fast trains run on this line as it is a double line (only 2 tracks running parallel)

Western Line 

Western line a part of Mumbai suburban railway serves Mumbai Metropolitan Region. It consists of 37 stations from Dahanu Road to Church gate station. It is operated by Western Railways and does have fast and slow trains that run on this route.

Central Line

Central line is the biggest railway network of Mumbai Suburban that runs from CSMT to Karjat, Kasara or Khopoli. This line also caters to fast and slow locals on its route.

Crowd of Mumbai ki Local

As I said Mumbai locals are called the second home of Mumbaikar, a human spends most of his time in locals travelling from one point to other. You will see all types of crowds here and in this crowd, you will people of different cultures, mindsets meeting each other. 

There is nothing to be astonished if you see women sitting in the train and peeling the peas, or cutting the leafy vegetable. One day you might see a group of women celebrating the cultural festivals by applying Haldi Kumkum, sharing gifts and sharing happy moments. 

A 1000 word blog is also not enough to write on Mumbai ki Locals, but don’t you worry readers. There is more blog to come on Mumbai Ki locals. This was just a trailer, there is a lot more to share, talk and express!

Have fun reading the blog and I will see you soon with another blog on Mumbai ki Locals.

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