An Amicable Sunset!

Hello people, good evening I hope you are doing well it’s a lovely and at same time humid Thursday evening. I have just completed my daily tasks and here writing a blog on one the most awaited topic I also wanted to talk on.

Before getting to main topic, I want to know one thing from you all. Our part of the day is divided into four periods, Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Night. Which is your favorite period?

Talking about me I have two periods which are my favourite. One is Morning I’m totally a morning person many of you might know that I love getting early in morning rather than sleeping late. Morning helps me start fresh a new day, new hope and motivation. Other than morning I like evenings too.

For me the best part of evening is its sunset. I used to adore sunset since my teenage but never got the opportunity to explore and experience it on daily basis, I always used to wish someday I will fulfil this and satisfy my heart with a believe that yes if you desire for something with all of your heart you will surely receive it.

Soon after wait of nine year I got the opportunity to attain the wish of living by the sunset. I opted for my masters in an recognized university whose USP is its campus, environment and peaceful vibes.

I still remember my first ever golden and beautiful sunset in my campus. I was speechless and was just observing the view which is very hard to describe in words. Cold air touching face and golden sun rays giving you sun kissed is the new favorite hobby of mine.

It’s my 23rd day here and today was 23rd view of the sunset and it still give me chills just to explain how amicable it is and it will be even tomorrow! I used to say lucky are those who get the opportunity to be with nature and watching it getting evolved every day.

I must say luck has been transform to me by God gracious and I feel blessed to say that I have been witnessing this beauty of nature every day and capturing it in my memory which is going to be cherished forever.

At the end, I would like to say that try to make nature your friend we have been hearing this since our childhood in the subject call EVS, but I’m understanding its value now. Yes, Nature can be good friend because it can help you get refresh, calm and most importantly help you to take out time for yourself.

This way my time guys have fun reading the blog and let me know which your best memory with sunset till yet?

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