Top 6 unique ways to celebrate Holi!

Good evening fellas, hope you all are fine and healthy. Its seems like we are already in mid of summer. In city like Mumbai temperature is rising up to 40/45 degree Celsius, be safe people. Environment Department have warned about the hot weather for next ¾ days.

Talking about me I’m a winter person heat is something which I can’t tolerate much. As we are talking about heat and summer one of the most awaited festivals of the year is here and it’s the time to wear your old, torn clothes or buy a plain white to turn it into a colourful one.

Yes, I’m talking about Holi, the festival which is about win of good over evil and festival which is celebrated to enjoy the different colours of life. Holi is officially known as the festival of colours and it is celebrated with great pomp and show in the entire country.

There are various locations in the country which are prominent to witness this festival, but have you ever given a thought about the ways to celebrate it?

Until today even I didn’t too but this morning I just read a article in one of the digital magazine which talk about the ways to make your Holi interesting. I researched and tada here I’m writing a blog.

Here are the top 6 unique ways to celebrate Holi

Throw a Holi Party

All the party freaks wait for opportunities to attend a party or throw one! There cannot be any better reason to throw a party in this hot weather. Organize a Holi party at your weekend home or attend one and immersed yourself by enjoying the vibes of this colourful festival.

Fulfil your cravings with delicious food

It is very obvious to say that no festival is complete without food. Each festival has its own way to make it enjoyable with help of yummy delicacies. Similarly in Holi also there are huge varieties of food which are prepared and is made available in market during this period. Some of the must try delicacies are Gujiya, Thandai, PuranPoli, Dhokla, Gathiya, Bhang and much more. This Holi fulfil your cravings of festive food.

Skip Colour and adopt flowers

Everyone knows that Holi is the festival of colours, different colours some dark while some light are used to apply on each other as well as playing through it. But have you heard of playing Holi with flowers? Many of you might have, playing Holi with flowers is one of the olden ways to enjoy this festival. This method of playing Holi has come from the traditional town of Mathura, Vrindavan.

Get artistic with your family

Festival is all about having quality time with your family and loved ones. This Holi spend some quality time with your loved ones by doing festive fun activities, undergo hand painting, get messy and paint a T shirt or do some fun DIY activities to make your day fun and colourful.

Do a Holistic Photoshoot

Clicking photos is the recent trend to make digital memories and store it like forever. Get ready and conduct your photoshoot, apply colours, get a Holi makeover and bring out your best look for your photoshoot. You never known which click can give you a picture perfect and make your day bright.

Bring out the kid inside you

Each one of us have a hidden child inside us. We just try to defend it and not bring it out until we are in our comfort zone, this Holi bring out the kid inside you let him/her enjoy the festival utmost without any worry, stress or tension about the future!

Today is Holika Dahan (Holi Bornfire) there is still few hours left for playing Holi. So what are you waiting for? Plan your Holi now and make it most happening as it will be after two years that we can be able to Holi with less restriction and more freedom.

Happy Holi my dear readers have a safe and colourful Holi everyone!

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