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Bonsoir readers, it’s a lovely evening out there, the sun has already set back and stars are getting ready to twinkle in the sky! We are in the second last week of April, can you believe even the fourth month of 2022 is about to end.

 I hate it when times pass so quickly and we are left with a few moments and some happy and sad memories. Today’s topic is the continuous series of my Mumbai diaries blog, my exploration of the city at night!

As you all know I went for a night out recently and had so much fun not only just having a long drive around the city but also having some delicious food to satisfy my crave for fast food. 

My first halt during the night out was at a cafe+bar. The name and location I will reveal later but first let me tell you what I like about the cafe most. I have never been to any aesthetics cafe’s ever, this was my first time.

I reached the cafe around 11-1130 pm and the moment I entered the cafe I felt like it was hardly 7 or 8 pm in the evening. It was not too crowded but yes I saw people hanging out with friends, family, there were couples enjoying their quality time. We sat in the open arena first to enjoy the ambience and soon to enjoy  more we shifted to the AC lounge.

I must say the interior designer and owners of this cafe have done a marvelous job to attract a crowd. The colour, designs, idea, theme, the look and ambience everything was perfect to set up my mood. Indeed it is an instagrammable cafe and above it, it has that vibe which can cheer up your mood!

Talking about the food you can find anything and everything here right from Asian, Continental, Chinese, Seafood and much more. I’m more of a chicken person so I ordered as per my comfort just to experiment but voila food was incredibly amazing. 

Right from the presentation to the taste everything was good, kudos to the chef for making me feel satisfied for having a good meat after so long!

Other than proper meals, this place is also known for its quick snacks along with mocktails and cocktails. I tried a cocktail drink for the first time ever and the name of the drink was unique at least for me because I never heard of it. 

Drink had the name cosmopolitan and it was suggested to me by one of the owners. She personally recommended me which made me give them brownie points. I had lots of fun dancing, giggling, talking and enjoying the ambience with loved ones!

I know I made you people wait for longer than enough and now I should reveal the name and pioneers of this cafe which call it their home. Cafe name is By the Bae. It is situated in Versova, Andheri-Mumbai. Cafe is right ahead of Versova beach.

The couple who made me fall in love with this place are Mr Rajiv and Ms Mona. This loveable couple is the reason why the cafe is such a beauty, its vibe and the ambience makes you go back to this place again and again. 

I have seen in most restaurants or cafes that the owner doesn’t even come in front of their customers but in By The Bae cafe my perception was changed, it’s the couple themselves who welcomed me and made me sit and ensure that I enjoy each and every moment in their home.

A big kudos to Handsome Rajiv and Lovely Mona for maintaining the place in such a raw and beautiful manner. The hospitality provided by each staff member in the cafe will make your evening. Indeed this place serves love more than food!

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