Silent yet Noisy…

Good evening readers, it’s a hot Thursday evening. Weather is so bad outside. Currently all I can feel is drops of sweat sliding down from my back making me feel sticky and irritating. Am I the only one who cannot bear extreme heat, or many of you can feel me.

I’m not at all a summer person currently sitting in my hostel room under the fan and writing this blog for you all with lots of sweat in my hands and face. If I would be home, I would probably be sitting under A/C and enjoying the time with my family or binge watching. 

Anyways, I will enjoy remembering home sometimes later, coming back to today’s topic. Topic is a real time feeling felt by me and I was surprised and felt awkward at the same time.

Recently I went out for a solo date in a mall nearby. It was about one of those days when you feel cranky and want to get out somewhere you can feel good and enjoy the cool atmosphere rather than scratchy heat. 

All I did was window shopping, saw some latest summer collections at my favorite brand store H&M and headed to a restaurant to have something and sit for a while to have time. 

Fortunately, unfortunately the restaurant was empty so I accommodated myself on a big table. I ordered my food and sat in the middle of the table and suddenly I saw a group of 8 friends entering the restaurant. I can see them laughing but can’t hear them. They were looking for a place to sit.

I ignored them as my food arrived and started munching the food to fulfill the hunger. Soon a waitress came near me and asked me if I would be comfortable if she accommodates a large group on the same table I was sitting on and I nodded yes!

The next moment what I see is that it’s the same group who I saw entering the restaurant and finding the place to sit. As they were arriving I thought now there will be lots of talks, the sound of giggling and chatting. But to my notice I found that the group was having a conversation but there was a pin drop silence. 

I started to feel awkward about what’s happening and steadily I came to know that I’m sitting with a group of people who converse through sign language, after realizing the word which comes out of my mouth was WOW!!

I might have sat with the group for 15 minutes until my food got over, but those 15 minutes gave me goosebumps. I was eating and observing the entire group at the same time, they were talking, laughing, teasing each other, but there was no noise. 

Everything was happening through eye contact and hand gestures, that moment I came to know how lucky and unlucky I’m at the same time. Lucky that I can speak, talk through my voice and share with people what’s happening inside me. 

Reason for being unlucky was that while observing the group I came to know how expressive they are, how easily they are expressing themselves without a pinch of hesitation. Whereas me being me thinking thousands of times before expressing my views and opinions and sometimes even self doubting myself.

Indeed those were the beautiful 15 minutes of my life, I have always heard you talk a lot even when you are not talking, but seeing it in reality was the beautiful highlight of my entire day.

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