Top 6 famous Food Stops in North Goa.

We are in the 6th month of the year, it is time for rain and everyone of us is eagerly waiting for rain to arrive. Talking about rains it’s the time of year to explore the green hood, the natural vibes and fresh environment. Country offers lots of places to explore during Monsoon!

The land of sun, sand and beaches, Goa boasts of its vibrant culture, pristine beaches and warm hospitality. The party capital of India has a lot to offer in terms of winning and dining. The coastal culinary magic and the local flavours make the place a foodie’s haven.

North does have some of the exciting restaurants which provide something to everybody here. From spicy Konkani dishes to authentic Portuguese foods, the tangy Maharashtrian delicacies to exotic flavour of Japanese and European cuisine, you name it and you have it on your plate.

Here are the top 8 food joints in North Goa  awaiting for you!

Tamarind Café

Tucked away in Arambol is this food paradise which serves delicious quick eats for the snacking buffs. Set in a 200 year old banyan tree, the café is cozy and beautiful to spend some time relaxing here. The macrobiotic meal option here includes soups, salads, and a course meal prepared in generous imported ghee, olive oil and veggies.

La Plage-

One of the most recommended restaurants to be visited while being here. French, Italian and Contemporary American grub is most desirable here. The most soothing ambiance accented by colored wooden furniture with the backdrop of the pristine beaches is the key reason to visit this place again and again. You can try the best Bee burgers in the town. 

Also trying spectacular sea food here is a must.

Bhatti Village

Looking for a fancy authentic Goan home cooked meal? Head to Bhatti village, a family owned village tucked in narrow lane street. The place doesn’t have a fixed menu but provides different dishes in different seasons. One of the signature dishes can be found here is fish roe, locally known as Gaboi. From pork, fish curry and rich to dessert, the restaurant serves all of it. 

If you are looking for a relaxed casual dining experience with your loved ones, do put this place in your wishlist.


The restaurant is a mini Greece in Goa. The place outshines most fusion restaurants in Goa by several notches because of fantastic food, warm hospitality and the most romantic ambiance which gives you the feel of sitting in Greece. You can grab some chilled beer and authentic Greece platters to spend a memorable evening here. 

Do not miss to try the Saganakis, Horiatiki, Spinach Mini Pies, Stuffed Sardines and many such Greek divines.

Spice Goa

Spice Goa gives you the tantalizing thalis enriched with local flavours, gives you a home style food and tickles your taste buds. This wholesome thali offers comfort and nourishment to the wandering souls. Everything from Lobster, Prawns, Kingfish, Pomfret, oyster and many such sea foods are served here.

Posuda by the Beach

The skillful adaptation of Portuguese cuisine into the local food arena is evident at Posuda by the beach. It is considered to be the best beach shack restaurant in North Goa. This casual dining serves classic dishes from Portuguese, Continental, Goan and Konkani Cuisine. The place is crowded during evenings and is the best place to enjoy the happening environment of Goa.

Whether you like spicy food, continentals or sea food you can find everything in Goa. Visiting Goa to have lip-smacking food should be in the wishlist of every foodie.

Summers are over and now is the good time to visit Goa, as you will get accommodations at cheaper rates and empty beaches. 

Do not think much, Plan a trip to Goa now….because at least one plan out of ten  needs to be successful for a trip!

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