Brunch by the Blend 

Sometimes when life makes you happy, undergo a treat by having your favorite food or exploring yourself with some new combinations. It is scientifically proven that food tops the list of happiness for a human and I  have personally enjoyed this feeling recently. 

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well. The scratchy heat is at top currently and its important to stay hydrated. It’s Thursday and it’s time for a new blog and new food story.

I went out for a brunch date to the most authentic cafe in Mumbai. This cafe is not only famous for its food but also for its legacy, culture and heritage beauty which can be seen from inside and outside of the cafe.

This is the famous Parsi cafe located in central Mumbai by name Kooler & Co. Considered to be the oldest surviving Parsi cafe in the city. The best part which I liked the most about this cafe is its ambience. 

It has that old, vintage and rustic vibes which makes it more loveable and gives the reason for visiting the cafe again and again. Different forms of foods, blends, combinations and sweet dishes make this cafe a worth visit for all the foodies out there. 

How to reach:

By Local Train: Nearest Station Dadar. Cafe is located 15 min walk from Dadar Station.

By Road: You can book ola/uber from your location to the cafe. You can take taxi’s which run on the basis of meter charges. 

What to eat: 

Bun Maska, Kheema Pav, Caramel Custard, Omelet Pav, and Raspberry Juice are must recommendations to eat here.

Key Reasons to visit the cafe




Culture Representation


Keep in mind:

Carry enough physical cash, cafe stills work in traditional style hence do not forget to fill your wallet. Digital cash or use of cards are banned in this cafe.

You cannot sit for a long time in a cafe, as soon as you finish eating you have to leave. If you sit for a long time the elder person at the cash counter tonts you for being there for a long time. 

Cafe is authentically known for its Parsi traditional delicacies hence do not order anything extraordinary which takes time to get prepared. 

The cafe isNon Ac hence it is recommended to visit the cafe in early morning, late evening or night. 

I had a lovely time visiting the cafe and it is one of the coziest cafes I have ever been to. Follow this guide while you visit Kooler and Co next time…. 

This was my time have a good day and good evening !!

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