Top 7 Street food must try while being in Mumbai during Rains

Mumbai rain’s and  and street food of Mumbai during rains are world famous. Every Mumbaikar starts preparing himself for rains since the official last season of summer i.e. May. Being the coastal city, every year the city faces heavy rainfalls followed by  various issues. 

Rains can be said to be the symbol or the emblem of the city.  Every year post hot and humid summer the city awaits for Monsoon, to bathe in the fresh fall of first rains and the mistful beauty of greenery in which the city immerse itself.  Rains and Mumbaikars are the deadliest combination. 

There are the days when the city hits with heavy rainfall hampering routine of people in terms of commuting for their work, traveling, water logging, electricity shortage and few other reasons together can be summed up as the Mumbai ki Barish.

In such conditions too people do not forget to enjoy, visit their favorite spot, eat their favorite food, undertake trips and trek to monsoon special spots. 

Talking about me, I’m not so much into rains, though I like the things which are related to rains such as traveling, exploring the green side of the city and eating the street food, just had one before writing this blog!

Below Street food and their locations are my personal recommendations. There are various other spots in the city which are famous for these street foods!

Here are the Top 7 most recommended street food which are must to try if you are in the city during rains

Vada Pav 

Vada Pav is an all time favorite street food of Mumbaikars. It is the staple diet for some while going to snack at any time of day. Though you can eat Vada Pav at any time, eating it during the rainy season can give you whole different food buds. 

For me the Vada Pav is the favorite among all the street food reasons being that it gives me mood swings, helps me to cheer myself up. In simple words it is my go to food. 

Cost: Rs 15 (depends on spot and size) 

Location : Amul Vada Pav Dadar East. 


Bhajiya is the next top rated street food of Mumbai. Bhajiya are nothing but the fritters and most loved food of the Mumbaikars. Eating bhajiya sold by roadside vendors with heavy rains is a must do activity during rains while being in the city. You can treat yourself with different kinds of bhajiya’s such as Kanda (Onion), Aloo (Potato), Palak (Spinach), Gobi (Cauliflower) and much more. Set out and find any bhajiya wala and crave your need of bhajiy’a today.

Cost: Rs 25- 30 (depends on spot)

Location: Gajanan Vada Pav,Thane

Tapri ki Chai (Tea)

Chai is the national drink in India. Indians can drink tea at any time anywhere. Chai has the power to make you fresh & make your body warm. In a city like Mumbai it is recommended to drink chai at tapri (small shop), the feeling and the experience of drinking chai at tapri at the next level. Head out during rains and try having a hot sip of chai at the tapri, surely you will love it. 

Cost: Rs10 cutting (half), Rs15 (full)

Location: Any chai tapri near you 

Bhutta (Corn)

Bhutta is another favorite street food of Mumbai. You can find bhutta walain  famous corners of the city or at hill stations. Bhutta is best to eat during trips in the rainy season to hill stations. Cold weather outside and hot bhutta in the hand is the best combination you can ever have. Have a roasted bhutta or boiled one in a cup either way rains and bhutta can never be ignored.

Cost: Rs 50 (depends on size and location)

Location: Anywhere in hotspots of the city or hill station. 

Pav Bhaji 

Pav spreaded with butter and hot bhaji with lots of butter in it is the best possible way to define pav bhaji and increase hunger of this mouth- watering dish. Pav Bhaji is that dish which can make you hungry anywhere and anytime you hear about it, there is a myth about Pav Bhaji that if you hear it you need to grab it and then only you can feel satisfied. 

Cost: Rs 80 

Location: Azad Maidan CSMT 

Bhel Puri 

Bhel Puri is a street food which is a combination of spicy, tangy, sweet and sour snack. It is a stomach filling snack and tastes much more delicious while eating at a corner of the road or in a busy bee market. For Mumbaikar Bhelpuri is not just a snack it is a feeling that they like to cherish and make their mind and heart happy by eating is yummy street snack. 

Cost: Rs 40

Location: Jacky Bhel Puri, Andheri.


Sandwich is my second favorite post Vada Pav. It is a snack with two or three layer of bread and lots of stuff ingredients in it. I used to eat sandwich earlier but I kinda started liking it during my bachelor’s, during breaks I used to go my friends to eat toast sandwich with a cup of coffee along with my friends. 

Cost : Rs 80 

Location: Subhash Sandwich, Matunga

I’m currently very hungry after recommending you all these delicious street foods of Mumbai. I’m going to go and have one, till then you can have fun reading my blog and let me know in the comments your favourite street food. 

Also, after a long break, I’m back with a bang and lots of stories! I will see you soon till then stay safe, stay happy and have fun in this Mumbai ki Barish…

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2 thoughts on “Top 7 Street food must try while being in Mumbai during Rains

  1. Amazing Blog Ritika. Found myself Hungry while reading this whole Blog.🤭

    Also, a small suggestion – You and the one’s who are reading this blog must also visit Aaram Snacks Corner (famous for Vada Pav’s) opposite CSMT Station. You will love it.😊


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