Brunch by the Blend 

Sometimes when life makes you happy, undergo a treat by having your favorite food or exploring yourself with some new combinations. It is scientifically proven that food tops the list of happiness for a human and I  have personally enjoyed this feeling recently.  Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well. The scratchy heat isContinue reading “Brunch by the Blend “

A day in City of Dreams!

Hola Amigos, we are in 5th month of 2022 and I must say summer season of this year is somewhere getting on everyone’s nerves. At least it is getting on mine. Drink lots of water, keep yourself hydrated and stay healthy.  Today is Thursday and I’m back with a new interesting topic. This topic wasContinue reading A day in City of Dreams!

Night lights of Mumbai.

Hello readers, it’s a Thursday afternoon actually a lazy afternoon. This week has been very slow and at the same time hectic for me, I was piled with various assignments and still have many to do. Also your writer (i.e. me) have finally completed its Bachelors Degree and received the graduation certificate last week. It’sContinue reading “Night lights of Mumbai.”

A Bright Sunny Afternoon!

Hola, I hope you are doing good and I’m back with a new exciting topic. First of all my exams are finally over and I’m all free, alive and kicking once again, exams kept me busy like a lot wasn’t having anytime to do my favourite things just like the one I’m currently doing. AfterContinue reading “A Bright Sunny Afternoon!”