6 things to do on this Raksha Bandhan with your Brothers and Sisters.

Raksha Bandhan also known as Narali Pournima is a very lovely festival which is celebrated in our country. The occasion is meant to enjoy and glorify the pure bond of Brother and sister with a single thread known as Rakhi. 

Though things have changed way too much now, today you can tie rakhi to your husband, friends and cousin siblings. If there are two sisters in one house they can tie to each other and vice versa for brothers. The ultimate reason to tie the thread to a person is to make the bond deeper and assure that you both protect each other in good and bad. 

Every year this festival arises somewhere in August during the period of holy Sravan, markets light up with various kinds of Rakhis with intricate and beautifully carved designs. Sisters start to prepare themselves to shop for some beautiful Rakhi’s for their brothers so that they can accept bigger and most lovable gifts from their siblings. 

Rakhi has always been more than just a celebration, a single thread has tried to create new bonds and make the older bonds more deep and strong. Raksha Bandhan is the day for all of the brothers and sisters out there to enjoy, celebrate, get together and do lots of fun things which can make their day happen. 

This Rakhi let me suggest certain things which you can do with your brothers and sisters making each other’s day brighter and better.

Buy or Make Rakhi 

Set out to shop Rakhi for your lovely brother and sister, markets are currency filled with various types of Rakhi, hence you are bound to get attracted to many and won’t be able to decide the right one. If you are someone who likes to be creative then undergo a workshop on DIY Rakhi and bring out the best creative version of yours. 

Decorate House 

Clean your house, and decorate it with new materials and articles. A positive vibe is a good way to start the festival on a good note. Update the design and setting of your house to make it look fresh, new and something which can give you as well as your brother an essence of new change. 

Cook Together 

After quarrelling and fighting all the days of the year, make a deal with your brother and sister to come together and cook a delicious favourite meal for each other. If your brother or sister is a big-time foodie then surely this can be a great idea to surprise them with your known or unknown cooking skills. 

Play Games 

Take out the dusty board games which are filled with lots of smut, clean them and play those old games which were interesting and fun to play as well fight for it either by making one’s game or ruining others. My favourite list of board games includes Ludo, Carrom, Cards, Monopoly, Housie or Bingo and the list goes on. Have fun playing these games with your brother with lots of laughs and giggles.

Embrace yourself with the good olden days

Sit together with your siblings, talk and remember about those good olden days when there was no worry about the future and all you used to do was just play and fight with each other. Take out the old photo album, wipe it out, connect your phone or laptop to the TV and scroll down memory lane by seeing old pictures and videos among which some are embarrassing and funny while others are beautiful and sweet. 

Undertake a trip

Head to a good trip or vacation with your cousins and siblings. Either plan a short road trip or if you have a good amount of budget and leaves then surely plan a big grand trip with your group cousins as there is nothing better having your loveable cousins together with you and making lots of good memories which can be cherished on each Raksha Bandhan as well as for lifetime. 

Raksha Bandhan is just the day after tomorrow apologising for not being able to upload a blog bit early. Don’t worry you still have 48 hours to plan something special for your lovable siblings because in the end, it’s the small things which end up giving most of the happiness!!!

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