Top 8 things to do this Janmashtami with your kids!


In our country, August month arrives with an official signal of beginning with the various festivals coming ahead. Few festivals have already been passed such as Raksha Bandhan and Independence day and many are on their way. 

Today or should I say tonight is one such religious festival celebrated in our country with great love and enthusiasm. It’s the festival of Janmashtami, the birthday of everyone’s favourite Lord Krishna. 

Lord Krishna is known to be the 8th avatar or incarnation of Lord Vishnu and is also considered a supreme god on its own. He is one such god who is loved by children and the reason is that as children are naughty during the small and so do Lord Krishna. 

In our country, kids are considered to be the form of Lord Krishna. In almost every other house when a newborn baby arrives he is named Kanha, Kanahiya or Nandlala (nicknames of Lord Krishna). 

Every year in our country, Janamashtmi is celebrated with great enthusiasm and happiness. People start preparing for this festival well in advance by doing lots of shopping and decorating their houses so that the lord can get happy and satisfied by showering his blessing over his devotees. 

Janamashtmi is all about planning and doing lots of things and sometimes there is so much to do that we get confused about where to start and what to do!

Here is the list of the top 8 things which you must consider doing this Janmashtami!

Dress your kid in Radha or Krishna

Kids are one of the adorable and most beautiful creations by god. On this eve of Janmashtami, make your kid dressed up as Krishna or Radha, stitch a dress or buy one and bring out an adorable look for your child by giving them the opportunity to dress up in the form of a god or goddess. 

Bring out your creativity 

This Janmashtami brings out the creative side of your as well as your kid. Create, paint or decorate various artefacts which are considered to be purely authentic during the occasion. Decorate a bansuri, make a peacock feather showpiece or glorify the Nandlala Jhula (Swing of the lord). Let your kid explore the different customs and traditions of this festival!

Make a Rangoli 

Rangoli is an important part of Indian culture and traditions. We make rangoli every day out of our house, as it is believed that it brings positivity to the house. Any Indian festival is incomplete without Rangoli and so is Janmashtami. Rangoli made during the festival is made of rice flour. Prepare a Rangoli outside your house with small footsteps entering your house believing that it can bring positivity to your house. 

Host a Dahi Handi Function 

This year do something unique by hosting a Dahi Handi Function at your house. Call your family, friends or your kids’ classmates for Janmashtami Playdate. Plan some fun activities which can engage your kids in learning and getting to know more about the lifestyle and the personality lord portrays. Make them play games such as handi breaking, blind eye finding handi and much more. 

Go Shopping

No festival is complete without shopping and so is this one! Go shopping, buy new clothes for little Kanha (Small Lord Krishna), buy decorative materials to decorate the house, Kanha Jhula, and buy some flowers and sweets which are loved by Kanha as well as your kid. Shopping for Janamashtmi is one of the most exciting things to do ever. 

Prepare Festival delicacies 

Food is another important part of any festival. This Janmashtami prepares some yummy food for your little Kanha and offers them so that you can get fruit blessings for your healthy life. Some of the must prepare delicacies are, Makhan (Butter), Panjiri, Namkeen, Jalebi and any other dish which is loved by your kids and households. 

Showcase Krishna Leela 

The best way to make your kids learn and understand the importance of this festival is by showcasing them acts or dramas that depict the life of the lord. You can show them videos, prepare an act, drama or decorate your house in such a way that your little ones learn and make themselves familiar with the acts and miracles performed by the lord which are inspiring and at the same time leaves them awestruck. 

Visit Temple

Last but not least, Janamashtmi is all about offering prayers and seeking blessings from the lord for your healthy and safe life. Visit the famous ISKCON temple in your locality or any other Lord Krishna temple nearby and indulge yourself as well as your kids in the spiritual atmosphere of the festival. 

It’s the festival of Janmashtami and tonight sharp at midnight the birthday of the lord will be celebrated. You still have time to plan and prepare for the festival, Janmashtami is a two day festival and hence be ready to enjoy this festival with great enthusiasm and devotion. 

Till then Happy Janmashtami, Jai Shree Krishna!

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