Kovalam: A sleepy little town by Arabian Sea

The southern part of India is considered the gateway to heaven. In this heaven lies the state of Kerala which is known as God’s own country. In this god’s own country a town by the name of Kovalam is situated which is a symbol of peace and known for its coastal beauty.

Kovalam is one of the famous and well-known towns in this state. True to its name Kovalam means (a grove of coconut trees). Surprisingly town is shaded with lots and lots of coconut trees and immersed in buzzing activities.

This beach town is for all the beach lovers in the world, enjoy exploring this sleepy little town.

Best time to visit Kovalam-

Kovalam can be explored in winter in the best possible ways. During winter town becomes more beautiful with cold breezes and allows the traveller to explore the town on its foot.

How to reach Kovalam-

It is possible to reach Kovalam by road, train & air. The nearest city to the town is the capital of the state Trivandrum. Being just 18 km away it is very content to reach the town in a short span. Also, Trivandrum Central Railway Station and Trivandrum International Airport are the alternatives to reach the town.

Where to stay in Kovalam-

Lighthouse beach is a popular area to find accommodation in Kovalam. Every resort or hotel in this area comes with a beach view hence it would be a good option to stay here. You will find all types of accommodation from luxury resorts to budget hotels in this area.

With my few quick recommendations, you can explore Kovalam and fulfil your desires in this beach town.

Things to do in Kovalam-

1) LightHouse Beach-

This is one of the most important and oldest tourists attraction in the town. Whenever you are in this town visiting the lighthouse is a must. Surrounded by beach attractions that offer beautiful scenery, you can enjoy the beach in the evening by having a stroll around the area.

2) Velli Tourist Village – 

If you want to spend a relaxing afternoon, then this is the right option. Spend time lazing on rowboats. Enjoy roaming around the village in pedal boats and motorboats. Don’t forget to feast yourself with Banana chips and sweet coconut water.

3) Kovalam Art Gallery- 

All the artistic people and art lovers this place is for you. If you want to calm yourself with some art head to this gallery and catch glimpses of art and artefacts by well-known Indian and International artists.

4) Vizhinjam Rock Cut Cave Temple- 

The temple is considered one of the most important parts of the town. Temple dates back to the 18th century and has a beautifully carved structure of God Shiva and Paravati on its outer wall.

5) Karmana River- 

This river is for all the photographers who are in search of mesmerizing nature pictures. The boat ride takes you on a tour of meander in the city of Trivandrum. The backwater and greenery in the entire tour will make you wish to never end the stroll.

6) Kovalam Fish Market-

Crabs, lobsters, prawns you name it and you find it here. A visit to the Kovalam fish market is worth taking as it will help you to increase your healthy meal appetite.

7) Suprabhatam-

To all the foodie travellers this place can give you a real euphoric food sensation. An authentic Kerala eating house serves you vegetarian thalis (full meals) with fresh fruit juice. Suprabhatam is a true hidden gem.

8) Ayurvedic Massages-

This god own’s country is known for its ayurvedic massages that soothe your soul and calm you down. In this town scheduling, a traditional massage either after a tiring day or early in the morning is definitely one of the best things to do in Kovalam for rejuvenation.

A trip to Kovalam will make you find yourself free from the hustle and bustle of city life and make you calm. A 4-5 trip to this town will give you some reality check towards your wanderlust for travel!

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