Inside the building which beholds Mumbai city!

As we all know, Mumbai is one of the oldest surviving cities in the country. It is the city which never sleeps and is also known as the financial hub of the country. There are many things that you might love, while at the same time you might hate them too! Such as the traffic and crowded places everywhere might make you hate this city the most! But what still makes you fall in love with this city is the stories!!!

Stories are the thing which has made Mumbai city a wanna-be place. Each Person you see you come across is made up of stories, some like to share them, while some like to keep them to themselves. I would say that there cannot be any better place than Mumbai to catch up on the stories, here are stories made by and from people. 

Don’t worry this is not a story or a philosophy blog! I just want to share my experience with my recent tour of one of the most iconic and important buildings of Mumbai City. 

So, I visited the BMC building from the inside. BMC is nothing, but the Brhunmumbai Municipal Corporation, the governing body because of which Mumbai city is standing strong and erect. I’m very happy to say that, very few get the chance to explore it and guess what I just got lucky!

What is BMC?

BMC, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation is a governing civic body of Mumbai and Greater Mumbai. Being one of the richest municipal corporations in the country, having a larger annual budget than some of India’s smaller states. It was founded in 1889 and is governed by Iqbal Chahal. It is responsible for managing and administering almost all the civic infrastructure and administrating work in the city. 

Why is it so important?

It is important because of its history, and working regulations and this building are as important to Mumbai city, just as toast is important with a cup of tea. The building was created by businessmen, philanthropists and various communities that were prevailing in the city in the 1800s. BMC has the power to undergo all the infrastructural developments, look out for the maintenance of the city as a whole and be there for people whenever they need help during any problem related to their house, society or city. No other city in the world has this much dominance of Municipal Corporation over it as compared to BMC.

Background check of BMC 

  • Bmc was established under the Bombay Municipal Corporation Act 1888. 
  • It was formed to improve the infrastructure of the country. 
  • BMC earns its revenue from taxes as well as various services charges or rent received from different Municipal parties of the city.
  • It was the premise of BMC, where important meetings and discussions about the betterment of the city used to take place in the olden period. 
  • It was believed that the money to build the building of BMC was received from the opium trade that used to take place between the then rulers of the city, i.e. British and Chinese. 
  • Currently, BMC is the wealthiest Municipal Corporation in entire Asia. 

What lies inside BMC?

The BMC building looks big and magnificent from the outside and why not. There are lots of important things inside the building because of which Mumbai city is standing strong and erect. There are lots of offices, especially the political parties’ offices, every prominent political party existing in the country has their office inside BMC.  

There is a huge garden covered with trees, discussion halls, and different offices for different agendas such as the cleanliness office, documentation office, and office for the record of all the people living in the city that comes under the jurisdiction of the Mumbai city. 

BMC is also a sailors’ building because you will find different corners and spaces that have ships engraved on them. Walls, window panes, doors and even ceilings you can find ships either drawn or painted. 

BMC is probably one of the most beautiful buildings that I have ever seen in and out. This is the beauty of Mumbai city, whatever you see, feel and hear stories makes you attracted and increase your love towards the city. 

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