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As I always say, stories are what we all are filled with! Some of us like to share our stories, while some of us like to be in our cocoons. Talking about me I have always been lucky whenever it is to stories. Eventually, I have seen myself grow and be the person I always wanted to be just because of stories. 

It’s me being a storyteller who has brought me here and made me what I am today for my loved ones and all of my readers. My main motivation for each blog is that I can bring a new story for all of you, enlighten you with some interesting facts and information and motivate or inspire you that’s it. 

Similarly, today’s story is also about an interesting place in the city of Mumbai. I have visited that place a lot of times, I used to adore that place, but I always used to think about what might it feel like to explore it from inside and sometimes all you need is just a little bit of luck and nothing else. I guess my stars just got immersed in my desires and made me fulfil my long last wish. 

So, I visited the building of BMC (Brhunmumbai Municipal Corporation), the governing Municipal body of Mumbai city. This is my second blog in the series BMC, in my previous blog, I did explain what BMC is, why it is important and how much power it does carry in terms of governance. This blog is all going to be about the beautifications that are situated inside the premises. 

I will introduce you to some of the awestruck facts and stories that you might not have heard about and you cannot, because it’s ain’t available online and can be only heard or felt. So let’s get started. 

Elements that make BMC one of the most beautiful and desirable places which is filled with stories.  


The world-class architecture is what will leave you in amazement. Many of us might already know that Mumbai is one of the top visitable cities in the entire country when it comes to architecture. The entire complex is filled with a blend of different architectures, in one passage you will find traditional Britain architecture, while on the other you will see typical Indian, Roman or Iranian architecture. If you are someone who likes to explore and witness various styles of architecture then this place is just for you!


Do not confuse yourself with billboards here. Billboards inside BMC are large in number and each contains a phrase, real-time information and facts that have been used, said or happened during the construction of this magnificent and iconic building of BMC. The entire building is distributed in the form of a V section. There are various boards and encryption on walls with sayings of various people and information. Each billboard is as important as the first one. 


BMC is one such building in Mumbai, where you find long corridors, starting from one end and stretching up till a far way. When I was walking through the corridors, for a moment I just felt like I’m walking through a palace or something, feeling surreal just like I belonged to this royal place. Corridors give the best view of the entire property of BMC and are good photogenic spot


Gardens are possibly the best thing that can add beautification to any place. They are meant to be a mind refresher and make you feel light, that’s the power of being with nature. The BMC building does have lots of nature inside it, there is a garden in the centre of the building with a fountain at one corner and it was a fantastic sight to look up at. Talking about me, I have always admired gardens and hence I didn’t miss the opportunity to do so on this walking tour!

Hoping that these small, common yet interesting elements have made you feel joyous about the iconic building of the BMC. Let me know in the comments which one you like the most, also the next blog in the series of the BMC is going to be more interesting hence stay tuned. 

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