Top 7 extraordinary markets in the world that’s more than a place to shop. 

Extraordinary Markets in the world

Markets are all about shopping and catching the glimpse of new stuff! Extraordinary markets in the world have lots of things to offer and btw they aren’t just meant to be the place of shopping but adore its beauty and happening vibes too. 

As the world is filled with beautiful landscapes, vibing cities, marvellous attractions and so much else that makes the world a beautiful place to explore. But one can’t forget about markets, because that’s the spot where real trade happens and crowd bustles like nothing else. 

I mean who doesn’t like shopping, yes I agree women are totally crazy about shopping but men aren’t even behind. Instead in 2023 men have started to shop more and have become self-aware about themselves. Thanks to extraordinary markets in the world, now you can find lots of unique and unheard stuff and products which can turn out to be really effective for you.

Yes, today’s topic is all about extraordinary markets in the world. Reason is that for the last few days, I’ve been in the urge to go shopping and end up being a typical woman! Was surfing casually and a travel post caught my eye about markets.

 So, I thought, why not create a blog on it and make you aware of the extraordinary markets in the world that you have never heard of… 

Here is the list of the top 7 extraordinary markets in the world that will totally blow your mind. 

Grand Bazaar, Istanbul

Grand Bazar of Istanbul is considered to be one of the most authentic and traditional yet extraordinary markets in the world. This covered market is located in the heart of Istanbul and is one of the best ways to indulge in the rich culture of Turkey. From carpets, ceramic items, hamam soaps, magical lamps, decorative materials and so much more. If you want to decorate your house with some middle east vibe, then this is the market for you.

Khan EL Khalili Market, Egypt

Established in the 14th century, this market has always been an important place for economic and cultural activities. The architecture here depicts the era of medieval Islam which gives it a rustic charm, making it look attractive. In terms of shopping and strolling, it is an open street market filled with decades-old shops and boutiques. This extraordinary market offers you silverware, gold artefacts, antiques, glass lamps and so much more which are hard to resist!

Borough Market, UK 

Borough Market has been listed as the top 5 best markets in the UK and is counted among the top 10 extraordinary markets in the world. Borough is one of the most premium food markets where you can find everything from raw meats, and fresh vegetables, to subsidiaries that can make your food delicious and so much more. The market was established somewhere around the 18th century and since then has been an important heritage for the UK. 

Khari Baoli, India 

When it comes to extraordinary markets in the world, India is not much behind. The markets of India are unique and have stories to tell which are much more than just a place for shopping. In our country, one such market is Khari Baoli. A market where every breath is filled with the essence of spices. Being one of the biggest spice markets in Asia, you can find lots of local shops here set up not only by Indians but various other immigrants such has afghans, Iranis and many more. Who came here for trade but now have become their home!

Maeklong Railway Market, Bangkok

Considered to be the best extraordinary market in the world. Can you believe a market that has been conducted on the Railway tracks for decades. You have to walk on railway tracks to shop, find fresh food, fruits, meats and various kinds of stuff here. Trains pass through this market 6 times a day and it is one of the best things to explore. 

Muara Kuin Floating Market, Indonesia

Shopping in the market, which is set up on the water, seems unique right? You can experience these extraordinary markets in Indonesia, yes all you need to do is rent a boat and by sailing for a few minutes you will enter a market where the seller and buyer both can be seen rowing their boats and enjoying the feeling of shopping most impeccably. Experiencing such a kind of shopping is a must in a lifetime.

Ka Firushi Bird Market, Afghanistan 

After entering the streets of Ka Firushi Bird Market, you will get the feeling that you have reached the era of Afghanistan which is 100 years older. This extraordinary market is all about birds and occasional species of rabbit which are sold only during certain periods of the year. Find the authentic Afghani king of all bird kowk (fighting partridge) right in this narrow lane market. Ka Firushi Bird Market showcases the true Afghani culture, which is indeed mesmerising. 

Markets have always been important places for showcasing the true heritage and culture of the place. That’s the reason while travelling to any place, the market is always considered for exploring as you can find the true stories here! 

This was my time, have fun reading the blog and let me know which market you liked the most!!!


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