Switzerland through the Bollywood

Switzerland Through Bollywood

Switzerland, one of the most beautiful and picturesque nations in Europe, is the most loveable place for Bollywood. Indeed Switzerland through Bollywood is the reason why the majority of the population believes or desires to see the beauty of Europe, especially Switzerland through Bollywood.

Talking about me, I’m totally an old-school Bollywood girl. I have grown up seeing all those evergreen romantic pictures and songs, which I’m still hooked up to to the date. Movies have always been a big-time fascination for me and an important reason to increase my urge to travel, the reason being that Switzerland through Bollywood made me believe that yes, stories can be this beautiful when the background or the scenery behind is so addictive.

People who are elder than me or one’s just like me will be able to relate to why I’m so obsessed with the concept of Switzerland through Bollywood. It’s nothing but just a man with a dream who made us fall in love with his dream, the late Yash Raj Chopra, one of the finest directors of Indian cinema. The person who started with nothing and left behind a legacy of films which is too difficult to find in today’s film.

From romanticising the love of Chandni to walking with snow in Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge- DDLJ (my evergreen favourite film) Switzerland through Bollywood has always been fascinating to me and this fascination has grown to another as I have gathered a few amazing facts regarding Switzerland through Bollywood just for you!

By the way, if you want to feel and explore the romance of Yash Raj Chopra Films (YRF) then you must hook yourself to the best documentary on Bollywood by Netflix #TheRomantics. Trust me you will totally get why I am so obsessed with Switzerland through Bollywood.

In this blog, I will tell you amazing facts about Switzerland through Bollywood and various locations which you might have just seen on the big screen and post reading this blog, you can actually plan your trip there.

Bollywood Filmmakers have changed the way of looking up to Switzerland over 50 years!

Switzerland through Bollywood is the reason why every Indian dreams of undertaking a trip to Europe and especially exploring the filmy side of this cheesy country! Big gratitude to our renowned directors Late Raj Kapoor & Late Yash Raj Chopra who dug out this hidden gem and gave Indians a way to see Switzerland through Bollywood. 

Before Switzerland mountain scenes, songs in the snow and exquisite scenes of winter were earlier used to be shot in Kashmir. But sooner than never, when things went down politically there was a need for a new destination and hence Switzerland what we see in terms of tourism, Bollywood has a big role to play in it. 

Guided Tours of Bollywood Film Locations: 

Today, you can literally travel to exact locations and spots where the scenes were captured while travelling to Switzerland through Bollywood. There are walking tours organised by local companies, one such company is Gstaad Saaneland who started this in 2017 on the recommendation of a few Indian travellers. Today, every season near about 500 Indian guests hop on to the most awaited tour of their journey.

A few renowned Bollywood films shot in Switzerland:


The famous then chocolate boy of Bollywood, the late Rishi Kapoor and the national crush of India, the late Sridevi starred in this film. Chandani is one such film which opened the gate for Switzerland through Bollywood. Most famous songs and half of the pictures have been shot in Lauenensee Lake, Jungfraujoch and the Bernese Alps. 

Chori Chori Chupke Chupke

The beauty of Lucerne lake can become surreal if you have seen this movie, which stars Salman Khan, Rani Mukherjee & Priti Zinta. From authentic scenes to acoustic songs everything was shot here and you can surely live the moment as you travel Switzerland through Bollywood 

Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge 

An evergreen love story and my all-time favourite film starring Shahrukh Khan and Kajol were shot in Switzerland through Bollywood… Maybe it’s the location, songs and definitely the chemistry that made me fall in love with this film. In order to relive the cinematic moments just like Raj and Simran, you need to visit Lake Lundgren, Church St. Grat and the town of Saneen which is known for its green lush landscapes. 

Veer Zara 

Surprisingly this was a surprise for me too, that Veer Zara which is purely based on the love story of India & Pakistan has a scene shot in Switzerland The romantic song of Ye Hum Aa Gaye Kaha has been shot in Launen. Experience the bliss of the song while exploring Switzerland through Bollywood. 

Many more films have been shot in Switzerland directly or indirectly. I have just mentioned a few here. Probably there couldn’t be the best way to see the beauty of this nation, rather than Switzerland through Bollywood. Being an old-school lover and totally obsessed with Bollywood, you might be able to relate with this blog.

Waiting for all your lovely comments, till then have a Happy Weekending!


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