Malgudi Days: Places to explore in India for Old School Lovers…

Old School Lovers

Old school love is nothing, but a feeling of living in an era or period where things happen at a slow pace and emotions are what that goes into nostalgia. Old school lovers in terms of age group can be found in the late 1900s or early 2000s. These are the people who believe in going with the flow and living with the moment.

Talking about me, I belong somewhere in the late millennials in the 2000s. Proud to say that I’m totally an old school lover, from old music, those romantic era’s less crowded places and more serene weather is how I would like to define the feeling of being an old school lover.

Many of you might or might not be knowing about the famous comic series of Malgudi Days. It’s a series which can be found on Youtube and it depicts the life of Malgudi village situated in the state of Karnataka. Each episode talks about the people of villagers and the incidents that takes place in their life with happy go funny moments.

If you want to explore the series, you can definitely surf it on Youtube. That is one series which is the best way to describe the old school lovers, a side of life where everything is more than just bliss. After talking too much about school lovers, I thought I would show you a different side of old-school love and it is related to travel!

In this blog, I will introduce you to some of the places which are worth visiting, if you are someone just like me, an old-school lover.

Here are the places that will turn you into an old-school lover…


Mumbai, one of the oldest cities in the country, is the best place to travel for old school lovers. Having a long long history with British and marvellous architectural structures is what will make you feel at home here. From the bustling crowd in local trains to the calmness of sunset at Marine Drive, Mumbai just feels like the golden era of nostalgia.


Capital is much more than its political and administrative strength! In the mystical beauty of the land, find yourself evolving with the history or walking in the narrow lanes where every turn has a new story to express. From the essence of authentic momos in Manju Ka Tila to the spicy golgappas at India Gate, Delhi is the place for old school lovers who still believe that emotions are all about living in the past. 


The only truly heavenly bliss of India, Kashmir takes you to the time where you can give yourself a moment to enhance the beauty of snow-clad mountains, the satisfaction of sailing through Dal Lake and emerging into a culture which is hard to express and easy to feel. Yes, it is the magic of Kashmir that makes every old school lover fall in love with it and lose a part of themselves behind.


Almost every one of you might have heard of Mussoorie, and some of you might have undertaken trips too. Have you ever heard of a hidden gem which is situated just a few km away from Mussoorie, not many of you would know about Landour. Landour is a place from where the Himalayas can be spotted very clearly and it is definitely a place for old school lovers, who are looking to escape the ordinary and live a life where silence can be heard clearly.


Kolkata feels like a grandparent’s home which is supposed to be visited every vacation. Away from the chaos of hustling, Kolkata is a place to be for old school lovers if you are looking for the blendful side of life, where you can work in the morning, have time for yourself in the afternoon and evening is all about walking through the decade old streets which have stories to tell in different paths of life!


If you are someone who likes to take things slow and always look for opportunities away from a chaotic life, then definitely Pithoragarh is the place for all the old school lovers out there. Filled with meadows and mesmerising valleys, while exploring Pithorgarh you will get a feeling of staying behind and finding your home here!

If you are an old school lover, just like me! Then this blog is totally for you, let me know in the comments which city you like the most! 

This was my time, readers, have a happy Sunday…


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