Your trip to Gujarat is incomplete without these experiences!

Trip to Gujarat is incomplete

Gujarat is one of the most beautiful states in our country. A trip to Gujarat is incomplete without these experiences, where the feeling is surreal and emotions get attached automatically!

The state has everything from long-lost history, that essence of rustic charm, and that narrow street which gives you the vibes of walking through the era of the 1900s. Hence your trip to Gujarat is incomplete if you don’t travel with a heart of curiosity.

Talking about me, I have always been attracted to the state of Gujarat first because of the tourism board of Gujarat, the campaigns, and the advertisements they do always fascinate me. Second, I have a few friends emerging from this state and the way they describe their hometown it’s just amazing.

Here are the few experiences without which your trip to Gujarat is incomplete: 

Exploring the beauty of White Rann, Kutch. 

While in Gujarat, travelling to the Rann of Kutch is a must. This white desert is the pride of Gujarat and undertaking a camel ride here is one of the best things to do, without which your trip to Gujarat is incomplete. If you are looking for a surreal place in Gujarat, then Rann of Kutch is waiting to make you fall in love with its beauty. 

Be brave as you spot the King of Jungle, Gir 

One of the favourite national parks of India will blow your mind. From the rarest species of flora and fauna, witness the magnificent walk of Lion as you undertake a jungle safari. Truly, your trip to Gujarat is incomplete without getting mesmerised by the thriller adventure of Gir National Park.

Walk with history in Sabarmati Ashram, Ahmedabad 

If you are someone who likes to walk with history then probably there couldn’t be any better place than the state of Gujarat to drown yourself in its rich history of it. Also, your trip to Gujarat is incomplete without this. From the long-lost history of the invasion of the Mughals to the fearful history of the father of the nation, find it all here and feel the bliss of making yourself a part of history. 

Try your hands in water sports, Bety Island. 

The state of Gujarat is also well known for its adventure activities. Adventure seekers there is no chance that you would be able to get bored in this state. Your trip to Gujarat is incomplete without trying your hands at the water sports of Bety Island. Some of the adventure water sports here include Jet skiing, Parasailing, Banana riding and so much more!

Test your bargaining skills, Night Lawrence Market.

Me being a shopaholic, shopping has always been my go-to activity. Whenever I’m happy I go shopping, whenever I’m stressed, I’m always in deep need of shopping. Gujarat is one of the biggest exporters of textiles you can find some of the best forms of clothing here. While being in the Night market of Lawrence you won’t be able to resist shopping and definitely without shopping your trip to Gujarat is incomplete.

Sunbathe at beaches, Somnath.

The beaches of Somnath are just more than their beauty. While walking on beaches you will realise that life can be beautiful too. The moments come to stand still as you walk on the golden sand of Somnath with cold waves touching your feet and the feeling is truly surreal. You just cannot miss this wholesome experience, as without it your trip to Gujarat would be incomplete. 

Shop Handicraft at Craftsmen Village, Gandhinagar.

Travelling is all about taking back memories with you and I mean why not, at the end we all are going to die with memories. The best memory could be buying a souvenir or artefacts made in the hands of marvellous artists. While in Gujarat, shopping for handicrafts at Craftsmen Village is most recommended as you will be surprised to see different kinds of souvenirs produced here. 

Hope this blog gives you a kind of urge, which makes you plan your trip to Gujarat right away so that you can undergo certain experiences without which your trip to Gujarat is incomplete. 

This was my time guys, have fun reading the blog & as always I’m waiting for views on this one too!


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