Reasons to visit Marrakech! 

reasons to visit Marrakech

Morocco has always been the most charming destination in Africa. One of the reasons to visit Marrakech is the beauty of its culture and the essence of the locality that makes you fall in love with it the moment you see it.

Marrakech is the charming city of Morroco and has recently become an attractive place to explore on the global tourism map. It’s the authenticity and simplicity of the city along with the mesmerizing architecture that gives the reasons to visit Marrakech.

Talking about me, I get attracted to places which have some uniqueness, a story to portray and definitely some long history that can make people fall in love it the moment they see it and this is one of the biggest reasons to visit Marrakech!

Recently my Instagram account feed is filled with videos and photos of Marrakech which has made me addicted to it. While researching the place, I got to know that other than being the favourite city of Morocco, the city is also known for its surreal vibes with the feeling of that rustic charm vibes which is hard to find these days.

Let me introduce some interesting facts about this mystical capital city giving you some more reasons to visit Marrakech: 

#Traditional Accommodation

Marrakech is one of the most beautiful cities in Morocco, one such reason is the traditional accommodation. Apart from high-end luxury resorts, and boutique hotel properties, the best way to live and explore life in Marrakech is by opting for traditional accommodations, probably giving you the reasons to visit Marrakech. From gardens to courtyards, along with mesmerizing built fountains to walls engraved with attractive colours of tiles will totally give you the vibes of how a traditional Moroccan family used to live.

#Soothing Hammams

In Marrakech, Hamas are not only meant for relaxation and calming the soul. It’s an important part of the culture and visiting Hammams is just like a daily ritual here. They are places where locals go to socialize, cleanse and bathe, as the concept of Hammams is getting popular in the world, reasons to visit Marrakech can still give you the opportunity to experience authentic Hammams in a simplistic way, far away from the modern charm. Hammam Dar El Bacha and Kennaria Hammam are the oldest yet most visited hammams in Marrakech till date. Looking for a place to indulge in the richness of life in Marrakech, then Hamams needs to be definitely on your list. 

#MouthWatering Food 

One can enjoy the true essence of a place, only when it involves itself in the local yet unique delicacies. While finding the reasons to visit Marrakech, food can definitely be the top reason to explore the place. Street food is something which is a must to try here. Trying Marrakshi speciality Tajine & Couscous should be at top of your must-try food list. You can also witness some French influence in bakeries along with other varieties of food which are surely within your budget. 

#Bustling Souks 

Souks in Marrakech are nothing but street markets. The Bustling Souks of Marrakech are my favourite reasons to visit Marrakech. They are only attractive but they are so surreal that even words are less to express their beauty of it. Take a stroll at Souk Semmarine and find everything here which defines the beauty of Marrakech. Lamps, Mirrors, Tall shisha pipes, leather Balga (traditional slippers like shoes), Kaftans, silver ornaments and so many other things have literally made me addicted towards Marrakech.

#Lively Main Squares 

In the Middle East, Main Squares are the areas right before the markets where gatherings can take place. Being an Islamic country in Africa, in Marrakesh you can spot lots of things happening in the main squares making it lively and surely can turn out to be the reason to visit Marrakech. Local acts, street plays, music concerts to public meetings, and the main squares of Marrakech are some of the best ways to learn about the lifestyle and indulge oneself in it. 

#Eye Catching Art 

Street art and magnificent paintings are very common to spot in Marrakech. You can literally find paintings of famous personalities or local culture decorated on the street walls or on the buildings giving it an amazing look. Art is something which has too much respect in Marrakech and if you are an art lover, then now you have reasons to visit Marrakech.

# Rich Culture 

The rich and unique culture of Marrakech is slowly and steadily getting noticed. The best thing about Marrakech is the culture, along with the people who are ever ready to welcome you and make you feel at home. For all the above reasons, rich culture is definitely hard to express because it is something that needs to be experienced rather than explained in just a few words. 

This blog might have given you the urge to plan your trip to Marrakech the next moment, just like I wanted to when I read about this place.

The above reasons to visit Marrakech are probably more than enough to give you signs that you need to make vacation time memorable.

Ps: Don’t worry about the weather, because this desert country will blow your mind even in the summers, giving you reasons to visit Marrakech in the next moment.


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