Turkish dishes which are very much part of the Indian diet!

Turkish dishes which is very much part of an Indian diet

Turkish influence in our country has risen to the next level. Nowadays Turkish dishes have very much become a part of Indian culture. Turkey is one nation which has to hold sharing boundaries in two continents, Europe and the Middle East!

Turkey is one such nation which is very much involved in itself. From marvellous architecture, and surreal culture to mesmerizing landscapes and food-craving delicacies that will totally blow your mind.

Turkish dishes are very much part of the Indian diet and are one of the key factors why Turkish culture makes people addicted towards this beautiful nation.

I have always been very much fascinated with Turkey not only because Turkish dishes are very much part of the Indian diet. But also the streets, hospitable culture and the serenity that makes me fall in love with it every time.

The first influence of Turkey in our country started with the addiction to Turkish dramas, unique stories and dramas that played a great role to make people turn their attention towards it.

Enough of Turkey Talk, let me introduce you to different Turkish dishes that are very much part of Indian diet and they are as follows:

Turkish Tea 

We Indians are made from tea and when it comes to Turkish dishes that are very much part of Indian diet, Turkish tea ranks first. Considered to be one of the purest tea produced with almost no pesticide is definitely worth a try. You can find this tea easily in authentic Turkish cafes or lounges, find one in your city and pay a visit. 

Turkish Kebab 

The relationship between Indians with Kebab is long lost. When it comes to Kebab we cannot control our hunger, as our mouth gets filled with water as mine is while I write about it. Turkish kebabs are almost similar to ours, it’s just that different kinds of spices are added making it a wannabe dish. You can find authentic Turkish Kebab on Indian streets or in top notch restaurants as it is one of the Turkish dishes that has become very much part of Indian diet. 

Turkish Shawarma 

Shawarma has been part of our diet for decades, it’s just that in modern times it is presented with a modern look and goes to food, especially for youngsters. It’s a roll that consists of meat with lots of mayonnaise and as it sounds delicious it’s yummy too. So now you know what you need to grab on your Sunday evening, crave your hunger for this Turkish dish which is very much part of Indian diet.

Turkish Pizza 

Pizza is one of the favourite fast food of Indians and there is no astonishment to say that Turkish Pizza has become very much part of Indian Diet. The major difference that you can find is the bread size and the way the pizza is cooked, it is what makes it a unique dish for all the lovers of pizza out there. 

Turkish Ice Cream

Indian meals are never complete without its desserts and Turkish desserts are something which has recently been introduced to us. Especially authentic Turkish ice cream, the best way to identify it is in the form of a struggle to grab it. You might have seen the famous Turkish ice cream, where a man plays with you and your desire for ice cream, before actually handing you the ice cream, if you haven’t experienced this you must and trust me when I tried this I had fun. 

Turkish Baklava 

 The simplest way to understand Baklava is the sweet cake which you can find almost everywhere and that’s the reason why this Turkish dish has become very much part of an Indian diet! Turkish Baklava is something whose taste will remain in your mouth and mind for a longer period of time. Find it anywhere in authentic Turkish lounges or cafes even some bakeries offer this sweet tooth delicacy. 

I hope that I have given you a great idea for your Sunday snack, so what you waiting for grab your Turkish dishes which are very much part of an Indian diet and involve yourself in the most beautiful part of Turkey’s culture. 

This was my time guys, let me know in the comments, which Turkish dish you liked the most!


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