Here’s your guide for 24 hours in Varanasi! 

24 hours in Varanasi

In a city like Varanasi, 24 hours in Varanasi are too less to count on. Reason is that the oldest surviving city of human civilization has lots of things to offer that even a week is less to explore this mystical city.

Every street in Varanasi has a story to portray, from colourful vibes to bustling spirituality. which will totally turn on your mind and soul when you decide to spend 24 hours in Varanasi! Varanasi is one such city, which can be defined in three words Ghats, Spirituality and heavenly vibes.

Varanasi for me is a love, like really it is one such city, which fascinates me a lot. The biggest reason is the calm and surreal ghats along with the lights of the aarti’s that makes your day brighter and evening bliss. It’s very difficult to give the gist about 24 hours in Varanasi.

But, I do have to give a guide for 24 hours in Varanasi for all the active and backpacking travellers who are always ready to explore the place in a short span but thoroughly.

So, here I present to all of you the guide for 24 hours in Varanasi….


Start your day with utmost spirituality at Assi Ghat. Reach the ghat in the early morning around 5:30 am to attend the surreal Ganga Aarti. The scenic view of heavenly sunrise and auspicious ceremony will take your heart away while spending 24 hours in Varanasi.

Post enjoying the aarti, hire a boat to explore the Assi Ghat and nearby areas around. You would be able to see sadhus and locals performing rituals on the ghats. You can also spot various other ghats and old temples, also do not forget to hitch yourself into an interesting conversation with the skipper (boat driver). 

For treating your stomach while spending 24 hours in Varanasi, head for your delicious breakfast at Thatheri Bazar, the famous street food lane where only aroma will show you direction for making your heart and soul happy. Trying everything from aloo kachori, kachori sabzi or jalebi I’m craving for it currently 

The best way to understand how the people of Varanasi live their life is by watching the Mud wrestling at Tulsi Ghat. If sport is not your thing, then Tulsi ghat has various other options through which you can enjoy while spending 24 hours in Varanasi.


Your trip to Varanasi is incomplete without visiting the oldest shrines of the city, whose stories and description is very much part of our mythological stories. One such temple is Kashi Vishwanath Temple. The oldest Lord Shiva temple is also part of the twelve Jyotirlingas. Post that you indulge in the historical trail of this oldest surviving city. Fall in love with Banaras Hindu University which looks more like a palace. Localities here are very friendly and hence you can strike up conversations with Sadhus on the ghats or street sellers. 

They will tell you amazing facts about this place, like once I heard that Varanasi is a place where Lord Shiva saw Goddess Paravati for the first time right here. How true is that only God knows, but it’s fun to hear such stories and surprise yourself while exploring 24 hours in Varanasi.

After engaging stories and enjoying the bustling streets, it’s time to head for lunch at Kachori Gali, you can find a restaurant there by Madhur Jal Pan which will serve you wholesome meal dishes like Puri Chole, puri Jhole are very famous, for your dessert in Varanasi is all about craving for stomach filling Lassi. 

Post lunch all you need to gear up is your bargaining skills for some exquisite shopping. From fine silver jewellery, juttis purses and wallets to handcrafted artefacts find it all here. Do not forget to visit the silk emporium to buy the Banarasi Sarees for your loved ones.


Evenings in Varanasi are meant to be peaceful. You can choose to sit and spend some silent moments at any of the ghats, my favourite is Darbhanga Ghat, because of its pretty views and vibes that make you feel that you shouldn’t leave this place ever. 

End your day at Manikarnika Ghat with 45 minutes of Ganga Aarti, where heaven meets land and where lamps are the true shining armour which glorifies the entire ghat. Do not forget to keep your camera ready for some surreal moments. 

As I said, 24 hours in Varanasi is too less to explore, but I have tried to cover everything which is feasible to do so. Have fun reading the blog and let me know your thoughts about exploring the Banaras true paradise on Earth.


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