Top 6 famous Food Stops in North Goa.

We are in the 6th month of the year, it is time for rain and everyone of us is eagerly waiting for rain to arrive. Talking about rains it’s the time of year to explore the green hood, the natural vibes and fresh environment. Country offers lots of places to explore during Monsoon! The landContinue reading “Top 6 famous Food Stops in North Goa.”

Brunch by the Blend 

Sometimes when life makes you happy, undergo a treat by having your favorite food or exploring yourself with some new combinations. It is scientifically proven that food tops the list of happiness for a human and I  have personally enjoyed this feeling recently.  Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well. The scratchy heat isContinue reading “Brunch by the Blend “

A day in City of Dreams!

Hola Amigos, we are in 5th month of 2022 and I must say summer season of this year is somewhere getting on everyone’s nerves. At least it is getting on mine. Drink lots of water, keep yourself hydrated and stay healthy.  Today is Thursday and I’m back with a new interesting topic. This topic wasContinue reading A day in City of Dreams!

Top 6 beach destinations in India…

Beaches are one of the most beautiful and calming creations by Mother Nature ever. Imagine yourself standing at a place alone,you can hear the chirping of birds,feeling of cold waves touching your skin and feet is amazing isn’t it? That’s the magic of beaches. It can make you calm and help you to relax, forgettingContinue reading “Top 6 beach destinations in India…”

Home where you can find love more than food…

Bonsoir readers, it’s a lovely evening out there, the sun has already set back and stars are getting ready to twinkle in the sky! We are in the second last week of April, can you believe even the fourth month of 2022 is about to end.  I hate it when times pass so quickly andContinue reading Home where you can find love more than food…

Top 6 food you need to try this Baisakhi!

Bonjour readers, I know it’s not the blog day, but Thursday is Baisakhi, Punjabi new year so I thought let’s post it in advance. I hope you all are doing well and the week is being fair to you. Talking about today’s theme, I’m always about my culture, its festivals and traditions.  This time I’mContinue reading “Top 6 food you need to try this Baisakhi!”

Night lights of Mumbai.

Hello readers, it’s a Thursday afternoon actually a lazy afternoon. This week has been very slow and at the same time hectic for me, I was piled with various assignments and still have many to do. Also your writer (i.e. me) have finally completed its Bachelors Degree and received the graduation certificate last week. It’sContinue reading “Night lights of Mumbai.”