Top 8 destinations to travel to celebrate womanhood!

Good evening, readers its time for a new blog and today’s topic is all about celebrating the womanhood and finding your happiness by travelling to various location where you can feel free and enjoy being you. By the way Happy belated Woman’s Day. Woman a human being who is considered to be born with responsibilitiesContinue reading “Top 8 destinations to travel to celebrate womanhood!”

Travel Guide to Puducherry

French towns and their planned cities are considered as number one in scenic landscapes along with well-planned infrastructure. This is the second reason after French culture to visit France and that’s why many city lovers, architects, explorer travel to France. After the French revolution, the cultural values and lifestyle of France created a big impactContinue reading “Travel Guide to Puducherry”

Its almost a Triennium!

Good evening readers, hope you all are keeping well but I’m not don’t worry I’m fine but not fine. Its like lots of things are happening around me and on that note I’m somewhere not able to cope up with Musafirdiaries schedule. I’m trying my best to be active and keep interacting with you andContinue reading “Its almost a Triennium!”

A Bright Sunny Afternoon!

Hola, I hope you are doing good and I’m back with a new exciting topic. First of all my exams are finally over and I’m all free, alive and kicking once again, exams kept me busy like a lot wasn’t having anytime to do my favourite things just like the one I’m currently doing. AfterContinue reading “A Bright Sunny Afternoon!”

Tips to travel in Mumbai ki Locals

Every traveller who travels to Mumbai gets nostalgic by seeing huge skyscrapers, scenic beaches, marvellous architecture, lovely people, typical Mumbai cultures and the local trains. These are some of the best adjectives to describe the City of Dreams. Mumbai is the city where you will find everyone rushing in different directions for work, to earnContinue reading “Tips to travel in Mumbai ki Locals”