Living in Himalayas

The Himalayas is one wonder of nature that has intrigued us since ages. Its high snow-clad mountains, rich flora and fauna and scenic beauty have enchanted us everytime. But there is one thing which is always described least, we always forget about it. Its people the Himachali people one of the important aspects of theContinue reading “Living in Himalayas”

Top 6 beach destinations in India…

Beaches are one of the most beautiful and calming creations by Mother Nature ever. Imagine yourself standing at a place alone,you can hear the chirping of birds,feeling of cold waves touching your skin and feet is amazing isn’t it? That’s the magic of beaches. It can make you calm and help you to relax, forgettingContinue reading “Top 6 beach destinations in India…”

Assam : The Tea Valley of India

Known for its alluring river valley and scenic mountains and hills Assam is a paradise for everyone who visits. The biggest and most accessible state out of all seven sisters’ state is situated along the Brahmaputra valley and enriched with charming ethnic people, unique aromatic cuisine, exotic dance forms and sprawling wildlife. More than halfContinue reading “Assam : The Tea Valley of India”