It’s all about getting away!!

Hello family, happy lazy Sunday, don’t know about yours but mine is a lazy one. Just woke up from my nap and still m sleepy, anyways I hope you all are doing good and here I am with another exciting blog.      Recently there is a new trend coming up, you might have heard aboutContinue reading “It’s all about getting away!!”

My Happy Go Lucky Place !!

 Day 18 of quarantine, sitting in my room writing one more blog for you all, I hope your quarantine is going good you all are home and safe. This quarantine is somewhere getting over my head, but I don’t have any option to do, anyways moving towards my today’s blog topic is again little oddContinue reading “My Happy Go Lucky Place !!”

Travel attach people.

Attachment getting closed or getting habitual to a person, thing or a feeling. Attachment what is it? how does it feel? what happens when it gets over?  my perspective about this is little different, I am ok with attachment but getting over attached has somewhere always been unlucky for me, I am a person whoContinue reading “Travel attach people.”

Reasons To Fall In Love…..

 Happy Monsoon people it’s raining in the city of Mumbai, the weather is becoming cold day by day and green nature is attracting us towards it. Somewhere there is soreness in the city because of heavy rain straining the citizens due to waterlogging, while some are enjoying the rains by going on treks and someContinue reading “Reasons To Fall In Love…..”

First Sunrise & The Pleasing Beach

                          Beaches…….where should I began from !!!! but don’t worry I am not going to explain the importance of beaches, as I have already explained it in my last blog. BEACHES are truly the ever most beautiful paradise on Earth. Recently I visitedContinue reading “First Sunrise & The Pleasing Beach”

Traveller Travels To Never Come Back.

‘Tourist’ and ‘Traveler’in both this term what is common? except for the letter ‘T’, there is nothing common actually. Both these personality are like east and west to each other. Both live life in different ways, their perspective toward travel is different, One travels to come back and other travels to never come back, thisContinue reading “Traveller Travels To Never Come Back.”

Streets Of Jammu.

Streets are the heart of the city, each city becomes beautiful just because of its streets. If you want to know the history, culture if you want to get into the science of city just visit its streets and you will get the answers to all your question. People spend their whole life on theContinue reading “Streets Of Jammu.”

Excitement Of Travel!!

             Travel the word itself describes the feeling of excitement. The excitement of packing for a trip, shopping for it, seeing different views, getting yourself immersed in the changing weather thinking about all these things are just mesmerizing. I get excited about things quickly, it likes excitement is the keyContinue reading “Excitement Of Travel!!”