A Letter To Travel.

Good noon people, a weekend of the fourth week of the seventh month of lock down that’s a long way to greet I guess. Hello, and I hope you are healthy and safe, now this is good. First of all sorry for not posting last weeks blogs was so busy in college submissions that gotContinue reading “A Letter To Travel.”

First Sunrise & The Pleasing Beach

                          Beaches…….where should I began from !!!! but don’t worry I am not going to explain the importance of beaches, as I have already explained it in my last blog. BEACHES are truly the ever most beautiful paradise on Earth. Recently I visitedContinue reading “First Sunrise & The Pleasing Beach”

A World Of Travel Where You Find The Real You.

Hello, my lovely readers hoping that you are having a good and healthy life I am here back with a bunch of more interesting content for you all. I  am sorry for not posting since all longtime, was busy in my own stuff but I am back to my routine again. Hope you all appreciateContinue reading “A World Of Travel Where You Find The Real You.”

Traveller Travels To Never Come Back.

‘Tourist’ and ‘Traveler’in both this term what is common? except for the letter ‘T’, there is nothing common actually. Both these personality are like east and west to each other. Both live life in different ways, their perspective toward travel is different, One travels to come back and other travels to never come back, thisContinue reading “Traveller Travels To Never Come Back.”

Travel With Traveller’s Heart & Not Tourist .

A traveller who is he? for some he is a mad person, for some, he is a person who just lives to waste time, but for some, he is the biggest inspiration that inspiration which motivates them to live their life like him, travel like him. Fortunately, I am a traveller inspired girl. You mightContinue reading “Travel With Traveller’s Heart & Not Tourist .”

Travel hurts.

You must have heard that people’s words hurt make you feel down ,weakens your confidence but we move on somehow. Have you ever heard that travel too hurts.. yes travel hurts,it hurts in a healthy sense ,travel will hurt you but it will also  console you.People often get hurt because of breakups ,family pressure, fightingsContinue reading “Travel hurts.”