Father’s Day -An Best Advice By Father.

Father the most important person in a family, especially for a child. He is the one in the family who never stops earning he is always working not for himself but for his loved ones. Relation of a father with his child is silent [back support kind off]. Father’s are never close to there children as the mother is, there are some but in very rare case you can find it. The relation of father and his daughter  is the most unalloyed relation in the world, you must have heard the phrase saying ‘behind every beautiful daughter is her dad.’  A father never shows his love towards his daughter directly, he helps her, advised her through giving things or by the way of a mother[his wife]. 
           My father is a great man, we are very close to each other but our closeness, our bond is never seen outside. he is my silent protector he says to mom whatever he wants to say me and mom conveys me. Whenever I am not feeling good or I will be getting into trouble he is the first person who gets to know about it. My father has scolded me less  and given me advice  more, he is the one who has been and who always stand by me if  I want something  I have to convince my mom where my dad is like I just have to say him and it’s done, the best part about dad is that he never says no to me he will think about it but at the end he will say yes! Every father gives lots of advice to his child, in these eighteen years of life dad has given me lot’s of advice but the best advice I ever got from him is only the one.
             Dad always used to say, he still says it,’Beta don’t be afraid of getting things wrong, if you want to do something and you are scared just because things will go wrong then you must definitely do it. Just because it will go wrong, you are not trying it that’s fair at all, in the beginning, everything is wrong things become right when you make it right.’ He always tells me to do whatever you want to, I don’t want you to commit the same mistakes I did. His this advice has helped me a lot, there was a time I used to hate writing and now it is a time when for me writing is love……my biggest inspiration of writing is my dad and the second most of you might be knowing it it’sTravelling. Dad never stopped me from writing when I write something new he is the first one to see it and praise me with just three words, ‘Proud Of You’ I always write my desire for writing is just for this three words.
                 My dad is my everything after mother he is my movie partner, shopping partner, my travel partner this heredity of travelling is passed on to me by him, he also loves travelling a lot. My father is a book of advice he not only gives the best advice to me but my friends, relatives too, he is the best adviser and convincer in my whole family.  Whatever I am today it’s because of his advice and his divine love for me. Thank you, dad, for everything love you to moon and back, and ya Happy father’s day dad!!

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