Travel With Traveller’s Heart & Not Tourist .

A traveller who is he? for some he is a mad person, for some, he is a person who just lives to waste time, but for some, he is the biggest inspiration that inspiration which motivates them to live their life like him, travel like him. Fortunately, I am a traveller inspired girl. You might have seen people having different favourite  T.V shows some like suspense one, some like household base and there are many more shows but have you heard saying, someone, my favourite channel is Fox Traveller there are such people but very few in our country and I am one among them.
                             You know the most common thing in the episodes of the show’s on this channel is that each and every traveller travel with the heart of never coming back, with his or her wanderlust and the most important thing they travel for travel’s sake and not for their sake. This only the thing why I started loving travel a lot, there was a time when I used to travel once in blue moon but now I travel every year, every year I decide one place within the country and go there and actually I realise that there is a huge difference between seeing the photographs and actually seeing that  place. I always keep in mind one thing whenever I am travelling that  I must always travel with a heart of the traveller and not a tourist I do this and tell my people to follow it too because the actual enjoyment of a journey, the real happiness is doing the journey in such a manner. A tourist is a person who is always in a hurry he wants that time should go quickly and he get’s back to his real life as soon as possible, whereas traveller  is a person who travels enjoy’s journey by feeling each and every moment, observing changes around him as he moves ahead and many more thing. Whenever you visit such tourist places you can find these two types of people one is Tourist & and other is Traveller there is only one difference between these two and i.e traveller will always have dairy and pen in his hands  you will see that he will always be writing something about each and every spot he will be having a camera too for clicking pictures of different sceneries, but tourist will only have a camera he just visit the place to click photograph so that he can  change his or her social media profile picture and show to his family friends the things he did while being there. You will never see a traveller clicking picture of himself he will always click the picture of surroundings, streets area where he is residing and he will never show off by these photographs instead he will keep these photographs at such a place that whenever he wants to remember those days how was he at that time he can easily.
                  I have started doing my journey with a heart of the traveller, what about you ? just remember one thing whenever you are travelling going to a tourist place you should not be recognized as a tourist instead people around should see notice you and say I guess he or she is a traveller!


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