Travel -An Healthiest Addiction.

Addiction, a word an emotion. You would have heard about the addiction to alcohol. smoking, drugs, addiction towards someone special. Is addiction easy to get over, what you think? It might or might not be But addiction of travel is very difficult to get rid off actually it is impossible because this addiction changes your way of thinking, visualizing and learning. addictions are very difficult to get rid off from my point of view addiction of travel is the most difficult, because it is that addiction which will never harm you instead it will make you a healthy and cheerful person.
                                      Travel addiction is that addiction which increases as you get involved deeper into it. People want to end the journey at the beautiful destination with somebody special but I want to end it alone. because happiness in ending the journey at beautiful destination is much more satisfying rather than ending it with somebody ,Falling in love with a person might  hurt you at a point of time in life but falling in love with travel will never .because here  love means no commitment no demand, travel loves each and every person who enjoys it experience it fully.”I don’t want a king or prince to steal my heart I want to travel to steal my heart and keep it forever.”

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