Travel-The Best Teacher.

Teacher a human being after our guardians who guide us for different things, competitions which we are going to face in our life, whereas some are facing it now. What’s the main motive of teachers? just mould life of students, prepare them for there tougher situations in life that’s it? I really don’t think so because education is just not limited within a class the student gets educated in real outside the class, as he sees different things, observe it, research about it he gets educated simultaneously.
                   There are lots of interesting subjects out of class from which not only student but anyone can get learn. And one of them is Travel, travel the best teacher outside class which teaches ones, gives experience, motivates to move on. The teaching given by travelling is the best, it’s main reason is while travelling the person’s heart is always in excitement what is going to come next on his way or journey. One can get educated from travel by learning from nature, different views place and many another thing. This is the only teacher in the world who don’t charge any kind of fees or there is timing for getting learn from this teacher. One can learn at any time any day any occasion no professionalism and no specialisation and this what makes me fall in love with such mentor.
             If you haven’t taken education from this teacher yet, then you are missing one most happy teaching of your life start taking it as soon as possible, and you all know time wait’s  for no one.


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Writer, Blogger, Dreamer and big time travel enthusiast

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