Whether To Love Or Not ??

Love, what is love? some say love is a feeling which can’t be expressed but only felt, while for some love is everything [happiness]. And according to rest, love sucks! love is one of the unluckiest feelings in the world for them. You know I often ask people, friends, classmates what is this feeling and why do we need it? most of the time I have got the answer as there is no reason for this feeling, but it’s needed according to my friends this feeling make the person happier and healthier. But according to me why we need love to get happy and healthy, for these there are lots of things in the world which can be done. Nowadays love is used and thrown away, boys& girls take attraction as love does it sound good? for me not at all. According to me, love is something which makes man learn lots of things e.g- love can happen with anyone not necessary that there is love only between a male and female. Man can fell in love with a man, dog or any other creature which teaches them something good, same applies to women too.
                             Nowadays, love, is used as a game or timepass boys  and girls look each other give one blushing smile and they take this attraction as love and when they come in the relationship understand each other, then they found that he or she is not of my  type and at last they broke, but this thing doesn’t end here this cycle continues. We live in a giant universe attraction is nothing everybody tends to get attracted to each other, I too see people and get bit attracted towards them, but I don’t take it as love. In today’s world love means lust, sex, a one-night stand and if all these things don’t work don’t give them pleasure then break up is the solution at last.
               I think logically love is a beautiful feeling, just because you saw each other, share things-talks to each other, do hangout click selfies, become part of each other social apps story is not at all love, love is   knowing each other’s secrets, discussing each other’s weakness, giving time to each other in problems is what I call love, but according to today’s couple  all this is boring and never happens in reality, if this so then how our mom and dad are still together, they must have gotten separated so early even before giving birth to us what say ? Am I not against love no way I am just against the way love is treated as today and after seeing all this only one question get raised in my mind everytime i.e to be in love or not?

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