Being With Oneself

It is not necessary that you always need someone by your side whenever you are alone you need your best friend, boyfriend or sibling or anyone else is it so? I really don’t think so. Being you, being with oneself is what I call a good idea. There is a huge difference in spending time in your own company and spending time with somebody, today lots of people have an anxiety of being with someone everytime which is wrong according to me. If you are going on a journey with someone you have to wait unless & until he is ready, sometimes your partner may show tantrums too and you have to bear it no option. But when you are with yourself no waiting for anything can go anytime anywhere.
                                     I am telling you my personal experience that being with yourself you remain happier than being with somebody.  Whenever I am alone I do lots of stuff such as I travel, go to cafe read my favourite book, go for a walk, eat my favourite snack at my favourite snack bar. All I  want to say is if you be with yourself you will learn new thing about yourself, you will start observing not only you but your surroundings, you will see lots of things which you were never known off. I love being with myself, today people think being in relationships with opposite sex is happier, but according to me being in a relationship with myself getting committed to our own self is best I am committed to myself what about you?                                                                             

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