Waiting For Merit List.

The period of waiting is so disastrous, that it can’t be explained. Somewhere waiting is fun but sometimes it makes one boring, lazy, he or she just want to be a couch potato somewhere they become too.  But waiting brings patience in us which helps to remain calm in different situations in life.
                    At present, I am waiting for my degree college merit list, my high school exam got over on 9th March 2018, it’s been 5 months I’m at home  just waiting and waiting earlier the list was going to be disclosed in the month of June, then it postponed to July and it’s July now and there is no scope for disclosure of merit list until now. Starting- starting it was fun I had lot’s of books to read, movies to see, songs to hear but now all these stuff are irritating me a lot and you know the worst part is can’t do anything, all I can do is just wait. I have visited college thrice to inquire what’s going on, why they are doing this? and all the time I get the answer is one and i.e some internal issue of the university is going on you have to wait. This word ‘Wait’ has made me crazy now, vacation is good but such a long vacation is hell really it is, I just hope merit disclose soon and my college life part-2 begins again. Because I only know what am I going through and how I am handling myself!!

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