City- Heart Of Travel.

Travel, an inspiration, a way of living for a traveller. Traveller a human being who just breathe for his wanderlust, his home is every corner of the world.  There are no classrooms for the education of travel, travel is a part of life. Travel itself is the biggest teacher in the world, it teaches you to overcome your fear of adventure, keep moving in life. There are different prospectives for travel in the world, some people find travel interesting, while some find it as a waste of money. There are few youngsters like me who are fond of travelling,  but because of their family pressure, they end up doing something else. I thank god every day, I don’t have to face any such pressure from my guardians.
                     Everything has a different part or aspects of it similarly travel also has some parts ‘Cities’ are the heart of travel. A city is that place where a true traveller is born and who see’s the dream of travelling, there are innumerable cities in the world and each city has something special about itself. In cities lifestyle is hectic but it’s good too.  Cities teach one to be independent, do things on own, how to adjust and much more things. The biggest strength of a city is its residents, all the people come together at the time of festivals & at the time of trouble also. Sometimes there is a rivalry too but it is solved with peaceful discussions. If you want to enjoy culture, the festival of a particular region then you must visit its city. Cities are the true love of travel, Travel becomes interesting after you visit a city, try to live a life of that city, as the resident lives.
                          Cities show different colours of life, sometimes it lends you through a bad time, but sometimes good too. Cities are the permanent place of living for non-travellers, but a traveller is a person who is not born to be one place he is born for wandering. For a traveller, the world is his home and cities are his families. It’s my biggest desire to visit different cities and live it cultures and get immersed into the lifestyle of places which I go.


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