Being A Teenager.

The age from thirteen to nineteen year called as ‘Teenage’, an age where we grow mentally as well as physically. The period when our guardians and people around us start to see us from a different perspective. But is being in teenage easy? what you say we can still do all the naughty-mischevious things we used to do in our childhood? we all know the answer i.e no, because if we try to do such things all these people start to give us advice[philsophy] you should not do this, should do that and many more things.
                    Everyone goes through this stage starting is fun for everyone, but the ending is different for everyone some have good some have bad mine is going well till now as I am still in teenage and somewhere I am going to miss it as I miss my childhood too. The biggest disadvantage in teenage is that, that we quickly get involved with the people around us, without knowing whether they  are good or bad for  us and the second is you can call it as an advantage to an extent but after that, it becomes disadvantage too and i.e hormonal changes inside our body, you all know what I am trying to convey. Some think in teenage they will find their true love, while some think they have grown so big that they can do anything, take the decision on own, disrespect their guardians, hide things from them and many more.
             My point is each part of life is beautiful and every part conveys something special about it, if you do all the things in this age then there will be nothing left to do in other parts of life. Because enjoyment should be taken slowly and not quickly.

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