A Never Ending Journey.

Journey a period of a time when a person enjoys each and every moment he or she lives. A journey is everything it’s a part of our day to day life. We do journey’s for work, for school, and even sometimes for pleasure too. If travel is a  subject, a journey is its lesson which keeps teaching us some or other thing every moment.
It has been proved that if you want to find the real you, finished the threat inside you need to travel undertake a journey.
              Some people find journey boring, irritating, while some find it really interesting .so interesting that they wish that they’re journey never ends. The journey is best self-teacher in the world it teaches you, makes you learn new things, things which you never known about you, and helps to find your biggest threat too.I love never ending journey’s, whenever I travel with the wish that my journey never ends but as you know some wishes can never be fulfilled. While doing journey my motive is to capture moments, places, memories without seeing time, time is the biggest enemy of travel, half of the world do journey’s just to come back soon. Most of the people while doing journey are either in stress or in worries about work, house or may be in some other tension. The journey is for enjoyment and not for worries.
                             A journey gives me that happiness, that pleasure which nothing can. I always find something new about me in each journey, what about you?

Published by aroraqueen_

Writer, Blogger, Dreamer and big time travel enthusiast

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