Travel With Compass.

 As you all know it’s monsoon, the season which freshens the nature and makes it more beautiful and green. It’s the time when we plan treks monsoon picnics, trips to different hilly ranges. But while planning all these trips do we keep compass with us? I really don’t think so, we would carry food, camera, cap, goggle and much other stuff but not a compass just because it has become an old fashion now people say who uses compass now we have our smart android phones, then what’s need of this old boring instrument. Nowadays people go on a trip with mobile phones, with a trip tracker [digital map] these clearly shows we are so addicted to technology that we can’t live without them for a single day or let me say few hours. Now you will say you are also addicted, yes I am but if I get the opportunity between technology or travel for sure it’s travel without thinking I will go for it.
                                      On a trip, I have seen many people carrying watches with them what’s the use of watch when you are going to spend some time in peace, why we travel to get some inner peace right? rather carrying watches making watch as your travel partner make compass as your travel partner and then see how beautiful journey becomes and how amazing your trips go. Trust me you will never regret carrying this old boring instrument instead whenever you will go on trips you will forget your other stuff but not compass I have done this and from my experience, you must try it too !!!

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Writer, Blogger, Dreamer and big time travel enthusiast

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