Relationship Or Commitment.

Relationship and commitment what are they? , what’s the difference between them?  actually, nowadays it’s hard to explain the difference between them because lots of relationships today are being got converted into commitments slowly. Is it good or bad, what you think? according to me, it’s extremely wrong thing.
 Relationships there are various kinds of relationship, but one which is very well known to all of us is a relationship of love.Having a girlfriend or having a boyfriend has become the trend, wherever you see you can find couples whether it’s a mall, a garden even movies too. Let’s get back to flashback for few seconds how relationship used to be, couples used to meet, have talks, a bit of cosy time have food and that’s it. And now how the relationship is meeting can’t get over without a hug or kisses, couples think that relationship doesn’t become interesting unless and until they don’t have lust, or slept together. Another main thing which is seen in a relationship the figure, your body shape, 99.9% boys think that fat girls are not eligible for being a girlfriend or getting love from someone special, same goes with fat boys too. Nowadays if you have a figure, money, attitude you are perfect for this relationship stuffs.
 Nowadays as you come in relationship beginning is sweet like bubblegum as it tastes good, smells good but after sometimes as a taste of bubblegum gets finished  it becomes tasteless, similarly  goes with relationship too,  it starts getting converted into commitments,  this is happening because we start expecting a lot from our partner,  that he or she should do this or that. Today relationship is a game, a thing for entertainment. And all above of this, if a partner gets,’s bore he starts dating another one without informing to previous one, called as ‘double-dating’. Why is all this happening? a relationship is a bond of trust, support, friendship, fun. Only 1% of couples in the world understand a true relationship, being with each other, while the rest 99 just say that yes I will be always there for you, but when the time is they are not.
    All I want to say is if you are coming in a relationship or willing to please make sure that you are for her and she is for you that’s it.
Or else don’t come if you can,t handle each other’s bit of tantrums too, fights are part of relationship there is hidden love in fighting you never know while solving the fights you fell more in love with your partner and bond becomes more strong. If you ask me a relationship for me is more than lust or cozy time, what is your thinking about a true relationship?

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