Why I Became Writer ?

A writer who is he? a person who expresses his feelings through words. Nowadays becoming a writer is not hard, in fact, today if somebody writes one line or quote and if other’s appreciate it he is called as ‘Writer’. How to become a writer? generally, every writer has a story which he hides keeps it a secret from the world. I had asked many people about the fact that why they become a writer and what made you write? most of the time I got the answer as it’s a long story and I can’t express it by speaking so I became a writer.
              I have observed one more thing when I read or see other writer’s stuff there is always pain, feeling of heartbroken in their words which is somewhere good the person who is not able to express by speaking, he writes.  A 6-7 month back from today I was the one who used to hate writing and writer’s I still remember I used to say these writers are such a boring person how could one write so much? and now you see here I am writing and writing, now writing is everything for me If I don’t write I don’t feel good. My inspiration for writing only comes from one word ‘Travel’ this word, this thing has made me start writing, now whenever people ask me Why I became a writer I answer just because of travel. I am somewhere damn-stuck as well as happy too! the girl who used to hate writing now she is in love with writing just because of her deep- deep desire for travel!
                                    I really thank god for making me a writer because of my wanderlust towards travel and not because of heartbreaking and sad stories. All I want to say is a person don’t become a writer only just because of the heart broke or cheating there can some other reason too like mine !!

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Writer, Blogger, Dreamer and big time travel enthusiast

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