Some Time With Nature.

Nature the most beautiful and peaceful thing of an environment. We all have been studying about nature since the childhood, don’t worry I m not going to give a speech on nature today. I love nature a lot, but mostly during the season of monsoon. This is the time when nature gets a bath, nature becomes more beautiful. Nature is the most beautiful creation of god after human being we all are somewhere dependent on nature, aren’t we? nature teaches us lots of things in life which are really worthy and must be applying in our day to day life, we don’t that’s a different thing.
           Nowadays especially we all know that it’s monsoon season people plan trips, picnics to some nature-based places which is a good thing we carry all the stuff, food, camera, phone umbrella’s and vice versa but do we carry our time?  what do you say? what have I seen is people going trips in a hurry of coming back soon, why hurry? if you are in hurry then why are you going don’t go, please nature doesn’t call you to show off himself, today people travel to see nature less, but to take selfie’s, do photography and don’t know what else why we go close to nature? to get peace right, a bit moments of silence so that we can calm ourself, find some peace, but mobile the most important technology in our lives today important than our own life.  While going to nature why you need mobile I know we are all addicted to it [includingme] but while being with nature we don’t need to have a technology  all we need is patience, a time to feel each and every moment of life if you want to feel this quit your technology for a day no watches, no mobile, no cameras just your time and you.
                           You won’t believe me but yes being with nature you can feel each and every heartbeat of your’s every moment you are living you can realize it trust me it had happened to me and I felt so good I just can’t explain it all I can say is just go and experience it by yourself. I can leave my everything just to be with nature. There is no best thing in the world other than living with nature and spending some time with it.


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