Crying the most important emotion of we human. We laugh less and cry more, we must have often heard that being happy makes your life happy and your surroundings too. Happiness brings positivity in our life, yes it does bring. But do you know that crying is also a good thing people have created the topic crying so bad that if we want to cry now if we have to cry somewhere in private when we are alone whether outside the house or inside.
                                                          Tell me why crying is bad? why you all have created this topic so faulty that people [ we] are afraid of crying. Do you know in real sense crying is much more good than being happy, why I am saying this because I have realized it when we are happy we smile, but when we are crying tears that come in our eye clean our eyes and makes it look more beautiful.  We don’t cry only when we are sad but don’t we cry when we are extremely happy when we laugh, even we cry while yawning too, don’t we? I cry a lot being more than happy I cry, now that doesn’t mean that I am crier person ok crying is healthy just as being happy.
                                                If you are upset you want to cry don’t be shy or awkward for it just cry we live in a democratic nation we have the freedom to do things on our wish, so nobody can stop you crying if you want that nobody should see me while crying  go to the restroom and cry lock the room and cry, cry in front of mirror and trust me if you cry in front of mirror you will start laughing within two minutes because who like to see his or her ugly face . I have done this all things and I really feel good and noticed that crying helping you to get calm down quicker than being happy.

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