Travel Will Never Let You Forget.

Travel the only thing which will never let you forget memories, the stuff,  the people you met. This is the biggest power of travel that wherever you go wherever you live, travel will never let you forget. Travelling is meant for each and every person who is just living to make memories which he can keep in the book of his heart. It’s quite common that whenever we go on trips we never forget our camera, nowadays our mobile is a camera which is a good thing. But I believe rather than taking pictures by a camera, take the picture by the natural camera i.e eyes, because the pictures taken by our eyes and stored in our mind can’t get deleted ever.
                                      I am not saying you shouldn’t take a camera or click pictures I’m just saying spending more time by roaming around the places seeing new faces talking with them becoming a part of their life even for few moments is much much better than spending more time in clicking pictures. A true traveller never travel for taking photographs he travels in search of making memories, stranger people listening about the place from them, becoming part of those faces and gathering remembrance which he can never forget.
                                    This the beauty of travel whatever happens memories can never get vanished from one’s mind, travel always wants that one should die with memories [good memories] and not with regression.


Published by aroraqueen_

Writer, Blogger, Dreamer and big time travel enthusiast

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