Destination, we travel to reach a destination taste of destination is different for everyone some like pleasure destination, some go for adventure, while some just go for relaxation to a destination. But tell me one thing is destination necessary every time?  now you will say I am talking useless but at least just once think about it why can’t we travel without a destination? to a far what will happen you will be lost that’s totally ok because sometimes lost is good too, there is no fun always in planning and going to a place sometimes we must just go where are we going don’t worry about it just go.
                          Sometimes leading to an unknown destination can give you so much happiness which known destination can’t. I hope you all are aware of the term ‘Long Drive’ what is it about? not going to a known destination to 1000 times but going to unknown places taking turns on the highway which you had never which you have just seen that this road or path leading somewhere try to find out where it goes you never know it may lead you to a beautiful place.
‘You don’t need any magical power to get disappear all you just need a perfect destination.’


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