Society matters……

Society a group of individuals which live together and get united at the time of problems. The correct meaning of society is this. But the meaning of society has changed slightly over a period of time. There is a vast difference between today’s society and society in olden times. According to me, today’s society is somewhere good as well as bad too, good because people have started thinking in a broader way, they have started accepting modern ideas, culture, the art of living which is a very great thing.  As you all very well know that there are people of different age groups with a different perspective and everyone have right to express their own views which is absolutely fine, what I am trying to say is there are such times when people take the things in a wrong way and which somewhere effects everyone and especially the one do that thing.
                   Now if a girl is wearing a short dress and travelling in a train or bus everyone stares at her like she is doing a crime. The people surrounding her will not tell her about it they will revert it to her parents and they have to listen on behalf of her, there are many more examples this is one such of them. Have you ever seen women dominating men? women do dominate men but there are very rare cases of it. people, who live in a society has created an unofficial law that only men can dominate women and women has to bear it why this, why can’t men? girls shouldn’t be out of the house till late night whereas boys can come in the morning to the house and one question it where he was. If a girl is seen with a boy walking, talking or giggling straightway message goes to her guardians that your daughter is seen with a guy she has become deteriorate, she has started walking on the wrong path and doesn’t know what else. Nowadays parents have started  giving back answers,’ we know where our daughter is you don’t worry.’
                 But remember one thing anything you do society will matter, it is your choice whether to listen to it or just do what your heart says.

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