Traveller Needs Movement.

Movement is something which we do every day we keep moving from here to there (migrating). Some move for temporary, while some for permanent. The one who moves permanently gets attached to the place, people, things and environment so much that it becomes difficult for him/her to go to another place. These permanent people don’t leave that place unless and until there is any big problem though they can figure out the big problem too. Now if we look towards temporary one they never get settled in one place there are reasons behind it, according to me one of them is that this kind of people doesn’t like to get attached (weakness). But these temporary ones wherever they go they create such a happy and healthy environment, that people around them get attached.
                        There are very rare temporary migrators, all migrate permanently. But there is one temporary you all might be knowing him and i.e ‘Traveller’ have you seen any traveller getting settle in one place forever? have you, I haven’t.  Traveller is the first temporary migrator in the world,  he is not born to be at one place if he tried to then also he can’t. You might have seen people talking about weekends their plan’s for it, but do you know what is the plan of a traveller? his plan is just to be at some unknowing place, on the unknown road with some unknowing faces. As one cannot stop the events going to occur in future, similarly one cannot stop the traveller from moving!! The true traveller is the one who keeps moving and motivates other’s to do so. I want to be one such! If I get the opportunity to become a temporary migrator rather than being a permanent one, it will be the best the best thing ever that will happen to me.


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Writer, Blogger, Dreamer and big time travel enthusiast

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