To Those Five Important People In My Life.

Everyone has that important person in life, we are like an open book in front of them. They know each and everything about us and our heart knows that we can share our happiness, sadness, problems with them only. Isn’t it interesting that how we meet such people and how suddenly they become so important part of our life that a day without them is like a life without a smile You know  I have observed this thing whenever these five people are with me or whenever I spend time with them my each and every moment becomes so beautiful with them. Laughs, jokes, giggling, teasing and don’t know what more! For me, my life is complete with these five, no matter how many other people in my life comes how much closer they become but, these five can be never replaced never ever.
                                  Among these five you might have guess two till now and those are mom & dad the first two people who come first in these list of five. Other three are equally important for me but first I will thank these two who brought me to this world so that I can able to meet my other three. Whatever I am today, wherever I have reached it because of you five. I am blessed to be surrounded by such people in my life, I know I sometimes make you upset turn your mood off but trust me I don’t do it purposely never I could it.
I just want to tell you all please be my side all the time, I am nothing without you guys I need you in my each and every moment of life. You all are my today, tomorrow and my forever’s and I love each and every one of you a lot!!

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Writer, Blogger, Dreamer and big time travel enthusiast

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