Getting Hurt Teaches You lot in life.

Hurt what is the very first thing comes in your mind, after listening to this word? sad, upset, tears, depressed are the words that help one to describe their way of getting hurt. What effects does hurting have on our lives?  that we suddenly see lots of changes in our behaviour, we start thinking more, speaking less, we stop sharing or taking advice from people. You know what ‘Hurt’ this word, emotion has become such a significant part of our life that it affects badly on our both mental and physical health. Hurting brings various negative vibes into our life, but tell me one thing can these vibes become our biggest strength to fight back?
                          As getting hurt breaks you down similarly it can help you to get strong if you are capable enough. Look as I said getting hurt is part of life, but how to get learn about the mistakes you did is your lookout. Life is an ocean of problems and difficulty if we start getting hurt from each and every event then we can never be able to move ahead in life. You will say giving philosophy is easy, but I am telling my experiences. I have got hurt in life for numerous times and each time I get hurt I get more motivation to fight back to these things rather than sitting in a room with a box of tissue. I do cry I am not saying that I do not cry but after my tears, I move on and give back the answers to the people,  who became the reasons for my tears. Today whatever I have achieved, whatever I am doing it’s all just because of the motivation, the lessons I got from my past [my reasons for getting hurt].
                       I can’t force you all to do so, but all I can say is that try to learn the lessons from your reasons for getting hurt and then see how you yourself create your life divine.

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