In Love with Travel.

Love, the most common word used in our day-to-day life. Every day, every second someone anywhere in the world confesses his or her feeling of love, why we need love what is so special about it, that once we fell in love the world around us turn to be insane or I should say invisible! Many of us like to hear love stories too, I am one of them I love to hear the stories from the exact people whose story it is. And I must say some of the stories are so amazing that sometimes they gave me goosebumps.
             But today somewhere the real meaning of love is fading, it’s changing  I mean today’s generation don’t take love seriously for them love is just a word [a timepass] they are very rare people who genuinely understand and feel the true love. Nowadays love has become a game we see each other, love at first sight happens, comes in a relationship after sometimes feels that not perfect for each other and then at last break up. And the cycles continues and continues.
                         But let me tell you one thing this is not how love happens! for love to happen it takes time. There are also such people in the world who belives in falling in love with things, the things which are close to their heart and which have become the part of their life, while some fall in love with animals [ their pet’s]  which is also a good thing. To be frank I have in love with a feeling for  just a word.
                                       I have fallen in love with travel yes I do love travel, now will you say there is every third person in the world who fall in love with it nothing new in it. But my dear trust me it’s the best feeling ever it was much much better than falling in love with a guy. Though travel can’t be with me always I can be with it whenever I need to be I can talk, though he can’t reply back there is someone who is ever ready to listen to my talks my worries and don’t know what else. Some people call me stupid but they don’t know rather than sitting in hand in hand with your mate try to roam, you will get tired but the happiness which you will get, you won’t be able to express that. If falling in love with  travel is stupidity, then yes I am stupid and I am proud to be one such !!!


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