Going Through Unknown Roads.

Roads an important part of our journey, roads are the most beautiful aspects of travel. Roads are so important to us not only for travel perspective but in other ways too, ie if there would be no roads then how we will be able to transport, roads are important to us since earlier times. And to be transparent for me, roads are my best friends whenever I undertake a journey  I try to undertake it as a road trip. But quite times it not possible.
                     Have you noticed ever that roads keep trying to conveying something, yes they too speak!! They are most beautiful message conveyor in the world, roads speak in form of voice of air, sweet sound of birds sometimes in the sound of rain. I am not at all talking about city roads because  I also know how roads there are, I also live in a city. I am talking about the roads outside cities, roads which go through forests, villages pass by the lake beside can’t explain the view just imagine it. Till today I have undertaken many road trips and each road trip has something special about it. I still remember my one of the trip where I travelled from Delhi to  Jammu& Kashmir a drive of about 15 hours, that 15 hours was so beautiful god!! cant explained it what I have experienced. The climate, secenary, trees along the road were like welcoming us, sun refreshing heat and what not, It was my best road trip ever.
                                           Roads always bring a smile to my face, I have learned driving just because to undertake road trips on my own.  Going through known roads is fun, but without G-maps going through unknown roads is like getting surprised at an unexpected time and unexpected place. My best road trip was like this only asking locals whether to take this or turn which highway to go and what not. For me, unknown roads are the best creation of travel and if you haven’t take the road trip yet please do take it because you do not know what a beautiful part of life you are loosing.


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