Travel Is All About Living The Present Moment.

                                            The present moment, at present, living the present phase of life, living today. What are these phrases and what do they mean to us? all these mean just one thing i.e to live today without thinking about tomorrow. You must have seen many people saving for future investing their present assets, money for the future or should I say to secure their future! Saving is good but over-saving not a good idea, what if you don’t wake up tomorrow? I am not making you scared, I am just telling a not so good fact, but a bitter truth.  Even my guardians keep saving, keep doing investments I tell them the same thing but my mouth always get shut by saying that ‘if you want a good happy life you need to save for future’ it’s an absolutely true thing I do save money but somewhere I believe living  my life as it is my last now you will say this shabby dialogue is said by everyone but trust me for me my every day is last day. And my last day is my last chance to fulfil my dreams to follow it.
                                                  I hope you all know my dream to an extent. I am living my each and every day just to travel to share with you all my experiences, my views about each and every place of the world. I  really thank god for letting me see this dream of travel and helping me to complete it. It’s not complete yet work is under progress, but one day I hope it gets fulfilled. You know till 15-16 years old me & travel were kind of opposite to each other, I used to love travelling then also but somewhere I didn’t want to make my future in it. I really don’t know what happens to me after my school  I mean I realise there is something changing me, I suddenly started to watch travel series, programmes, read travel magazines,  google the picture of different places, countries started to follow different travel communities on Instagram and etc. Till half of my H.S.C, I was totally fond of travel related stuff but still, it wasn’t my career option. Then one day I wrote something on travel and people around me loved it! The amazing thing I learned about travel in these years is that travel never restricts you for anything, it just says one thing love your life the way you want all you need to have is power, the courage to accept the adventure the thrill coming in your way and enjoy it to the fullest. When I learned all this fact about travel I decided that yes this my kind of stream and I want to make my life in this, because sitting in a cabin doing the 9-5 job is not at all my thing.
                                                        So yes now  I am persuading my dream course and living my life today, for the present moment and not for tomorrow.


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